Lansing Field Trip

On Monday, we will be going on the field trip to LANSING!!

Please make sure your child uses the restroom before leaving home.

Make sure your child eats a hearty breakfast!

Make sure your child packs a lunch in a zip lock bag with his/her name on it.

Make sure your child gets to school ON TIME!

We will be taking attendance and loading the bus ASAP.  We will be leaving Haigh at 8:50.

Thank you to our amazing chaperones for their help!

Haigh Spirit Wear

Students received a copy of the order form yesterday from the PTA for Haigh Spirit Wear.  Here is a color version of the items for sale.  All orders are due Tuesday, December 11.

Haigh Spirit Wear List

Turkey Trot

Image result for turkey trot

The First Annual Dearborn Public Schools Turkey Trot will be held tomorrow, November 10!

Location: Ford Field

Time: 9:30

Cost: 15 cans of food OR $15

What: A 1 mile Walk Run/2 mile Run

Pie will be served at the end and the participants with the best costume will win prizes!

Contact 313-827-1628 (Dearborn High) for more information

Supporting Your Students After The Conference

Often, parents will leave conferences wondering what they can do to support their third grader more at home.  Conferences are meant to identify areas of concerns and areas that are strengths for your child.  They should also serve as a discussion starter with your child about setting new goals for the next marking period. With that in mind, I’ve provided you with some resources that you can use at home to make goal setting and goal reaching fun for your third grader!

Making Goals

Your child completed a Student Reflection form in class.  Read through this with your child at home and talk about 1 or two areas that they would like to work on for the second marking period.  Make it a goal using the following sheet and post it on your refrigerator!  That way, your child has a daily reminder of what he/she is working toward every day when walking out the door for school.

Making A Goal Printable



We have many resources listed in the links section (located on the right side of the Home Page of this blog) for math.  We have Xtra Math and Freckle.  Your child is very familiar with how to use these links and their accounts are already up and running.  The passwords and usernames are located in the front of your child’s planner.  Spending 15 minutes a day can be very beneficial.  Try not to overload your child with extra work.  Sometimes more is just more.  It’s not really effective to have your child spend more than 30 minutes working on something in one sitting.  We all need breaks and learning should be fun for third graders.


I want to encourage you to have your child continue to read every day.  It doesn’t matter what they read as long as they follow the I Pick Good Fit books guidelines.

Image result for good fit books

Here are some interesting statistics for the impact that daily reading has on student success:

Image result for reading 20 minutes a day pdf



Opportunities to Support the Community

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The PTA has listed two opportunities for you and your family to give back to the community with a food drive and a toy drive.  Participating in these events is a wonderful way for you to work with your third grader to develop compassion and empathy for others.  Both of these are character traits that we will be discussing over the course of the year.  Please click on the link for more information about these two drives which will support people in need.

Haigh Gives Back Link

Social Studies Unit Test Thursday

We will be taking a Unit Test on Geography this week on Thursday.  Here is the study guide master for you to review with your third grader:

Study Guide Geography Master

Study Tips

Three-Day Study Plan:

If your child has several days to prepare for a big test, try this simple way to break up the study tasks:

Three days before the test: Have your child reread the  class notes.

Two days before: Ask your child to recite key points out loud — to you, a sibling, or even a favorite toy — without looking at her notes or in her textbook. Have her refer back to them. Did she remember correctly?

The day before: If the teacher provided a practice test or an online study guide, your child should complete it now. On the questions she misses, have her reread key points in the text or her notes.

The day of the test: If your child is game, encourage her to skim her notes over breakfast in the morning. If she’s anxious, skip the last-minute studying and help her relax with deep breaths or tension-breaking jumping jacks. And a “good luck” note in her backpack is always a nice touch.

Studying is only part of the equation. How your kid takes the test counts for a lot, too:

  1. Do a “brain dump”. When your child starts a test, encourage him to immediately write in the test margins or on scratch paper any key formulas, dates, or lists he’s worried about forgetting. Unleashing these details on paper frees up his brain to focus on the test, says Laurie Rozakis, Ph.D., Farmingdale, N Y, author of Super Study Skills. The info also helps later if your child blanks out on key facts.
  2. Scan and skip. Coach your child to look over the whole test, then start with questions he’s sure of — no matter where they fall on the test. Answering familiar questions first will boost his confidence and save time for tougher questions to come.
  3. Manage multiple choice. In general, if your child has four multiple-choice answers from which to choose, he should be able to eliminate two options right away, says Richard Bavaria, Ph.D., of Sylvan Learning Centers. Then he can choose his final answer from the two remaining options.
  4. Review and regroup. After a big test — particularly if your child didn’t do as well as expected — review it together. Did he misread the directions? Forget to study an entire section? Get tired toward the end? Ask your child’s teacher for clues, too. “Most teachers are more than happy to look over tests,” says Geisen.
  5. Create a “You did it!” tradition. The evening after a big test, go for a bike ride or let him stay up an extra 30 minutes at bed-time — whatever he considers a treat. “This isn’t connected to his grade,” says Rozakis. “It’s about congratulating your child for making it through a tough task, and giving him a positive feeling about future tests.”

News from the PTA & Upcoming Book Fair

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If you haven’t yet signed up for the PTA Blog, I’d like to encourage you to do so.  This is a terrific resource for learning about Haigh events and to find opportunities to support our school.  I recently attended one of our PTA meetings. I discovered it’s a wonderful way to connect with other parents and to touch base with some of the leadership that serves our school community.  Click the link to check out the PTA blog and subscribe:  Haigh PTA Blog

I’ve copied the PTA page for November for your convenience.  Please note that the Book Fair for our class visit is scheduled for Monday morning at 10:20.  Students will browse the sale and can make purchases on that day. Students will also be allowed to go to the book fair for purchases only throughout the week.  Browsing will be limited to Monday.  I will make sure students record book wishes in their planners for you to review .


November Updates

The year is already flying by.  I can’t believe November is already here.  This month is packed with events.  This post is a bit longer than usual, so please read all of it for important PTA news and updates.

  • We have the results of the Box Tops contest. In first place with just over $84 raised is Mrs. Izbicki’s Class.  They won the pizza party.  And in second place with just over $55 raised is Mrs. Lozon’s class.  They won the ice cream party.  We had a great response for this contest.  In total we collected 3,228 box tops. We raised in total with the box tops and dimes $550.  Keep saving those box tops, there will be another contest in February and then again in June.  The prizes have not been determined yet, but I am sure the kids will love them!
  • The Halloween Parade is scheduled for Wednesday around 2:30pm.  A HUGE THANK YOU to those families that donated items for the treat bags for the parade.  The Haigh Families are the Best!!
  • The Election Day Bake Sale is happening on November 6th.  We are collecting baked goods to be sold during the elections.  Just to clarify, we are taking any donations.  There is no sign up for the baked goods, because we will take whatever you are willing to donate.  All you need to do is drop off the baked items on Monday November 5th. There is a sign up if you are able to spend a couple of hours at the sale to help set up, sell and breakdown.  If you are not able to donate, maybe you can help out at the sale for a couple of hours?  Any help you can give will be appreciated.
  • The Book Fair is here!  November 5th thru 9th.  Our Book Fair is always a huge hit with the students.  If you are not able to stop by the book fair with your child’s class, don’t worry we have family day during the elections and family night during conferences on Thursday.  We do need a lot of volunteers to make it a success, so please click the link above in order to sign up.
  • The Savory Foods Fundraiser is ending on November 7th.  Please get your orders in on time.  The cookies are absolutely delicious and are the same cookies the PTA passes out at Open House every year. They are great to have in your freezer for the holidays. You can always have fresh cookies for when friends and family come visit!
  • Our next PTA Meeting will be on November 14th at 6pm in the Library.  Please come to the meetings in order to stay informed in all of the schools happenings.
  • School Store, Friday, November 16th during lunch. 
  • Thanksgiving break! No school November 21st thru 23rd.  Everyone please have a safe and happy holiday!!
  • Popcorn Friday November 30th.  With the busy month popcorn day was moved from Friday to the Tuesday before break.  Please consider signing up to help.

Classroom Book Orders

Image result for scholastic book club clip art

We will have Scholastic book orders available to students this year!  I will have reminders and the link available on my classroom blog for you.

Book orders will be going out on the last day of every month.

All orders will be done online–I will not be collecting money at school.  If you are interested in donating books to the classroom library that I use for book clubs, I will always have those listed as well.  I usually order 4 of each title so I can have up to 2 groups reading the same book together.

I will make sure that I update recommendations so you can help your child choose books that are currently of interest in our classroom!  Please use the link below to access the website.

Book Order Link

Halloween Celebration!

Image result for jackolantern clip art

Next week, we will be celebrating Halloween in our classroom.  If you would like to help with the event, please come to a parent meeting on Thursday for 15 minutes after school from 3:45-4:00ish in Room 32 (our classroom).  We will go over the plans, assign some “jobs”, and answer any questions!  All are welcome!

Please remember to send in $2 for pizza.  We will be ordering cheese pizza to enjoy in the classroom for lunch on Halloween.

Students may wear their costumes to school for the entire day on Halloween.  We will not be changing into costumes at school.  Please remember, we will be doing some regular school activities (math, reading, writing) and we have young children in lower elementary, so use good judgement when it comes to dressing up. No weapons or masks, please.