Holiday Party Planning

Parents who would like to help plan the holiday party are invited to come to my classroom on Tuesday, December 12 from 3:45-4:00ish!

The holiday party for our class will be held on Friday, December 22 in the morning.

Regions Project

Our class has been working hard on our final project for our geography unit by creating regional maps of Michigan.  Each map includes non-fiction text features that linked our Language Arts unit on informational texts.








November PBIS!

Dear families,


Our November PBIS celebration is almost here and we are celebrating with a few games of TURKEY BOWLING! The party will be celebrated on Wednesday, November 29th. Students will be bowling with a rubber bowling ball to try and knock down three “turkey pins”. They will also be challenged by trying to knock the pins over while bowling backwards, hopping on one foot, blindfolded, and other fun and silly tricks.


Students will participate in this event if they have demonstrated positive behavior throughout the month of November and have less than 5 card flips.


Thanks for your support,

The PBIS team


**In the spirit of the holidays and to keep our turkey theme, 5 turkeys will be donated to the Salvation Army Food Bank in Dearborn Heights funded by the Haigh Spirit committee.


Book Fair Time

Our class will be going to the book fair today (Tuesday) at 1:30, rather than at the previously scheduled time of 11:30.  We will be at the book fair from 1:30-1:55. Come join us!

Natural Characteristics of Michigan Project

We have been working on the geography of Michigan this term and the students have completed a fantastic group project!  Each team of students was tasked to complete two slides; one slide describes a body of water in Michigan and the other describes a landform.  The teams consisted of 2 students and each team was assigned a color block of slides.  Together, they have learned the natural characteristics found throughout our great state!

Click the link to view their work!

Natural Characteristics Slide Show

Halloween is Next Week!

Image result for costume parade

We will be having a Halloween Celebration in our class on Halloween (October 31st).  Here are the details!

  • Outdoor Games @ 10:00
  • Cider & Donuts @ 10:30
  • Crafts 1:30-2:30
  • Halloween Parade 2:30
  • If you child wants to wear a costume, they can wear it all day.  We won’t be changing in/out of costumes in school. Make school-appropriate choices for costumes (no weapons/masks).

Spelling Tests Get Techy This Week

I tried using some tech this week with our spelling tests by having the students take their spelling tests on Google Classroom. We will give this a few weeks to see if this is an effective way to test.  The advantage–students get their scores immediately.  The disadvantage–you have to do a little bit of work to find those scores.  Here’s a little tutorial on how to find them!

  1. Have your child log in to his/her google account (this is the account they use daily in school–he/she knows the username and password).
  2. Go to my blog
  3. Click on the google classroom link.
  4. The Spelling Test can be found as an assignment (every assignment we do is listed here)
  5. Click on the Assignment
  6. You will see this week’s spelling test has been returned and the grade is listed in the corner!
  7. The grade is not calculated as a percentage, but here’s a reference:
15/15 100%
14/15 93%
13/15 87%
12/15 80%
11/15 73%
10/15 67%


Fire House

Yesterday, we went on a field trip to the Dearborn Fire House.  It was a terrific morning of learning about fire safety and the importance of knowing what to do in case of a fire.

Halloween Planning

Image result for pumpkin clipart

Homeroom Parents will be meeting in our classroom on Monday, October 16 at 3:45 for about 30 minutes to plan our Halloween celebration.  The celebration is scheduled for Tuesday, October 31. Even if you are not signed up to be a Homeroom Parent, you are welcome to join in on the planning.