Virtual Spirit Week Day 2!

Go to Google Classroom and add a photo of something you’ve made at home! It can be something crafty or something you’ve baked or cooked. It can be a video you upload of a song you can play or a game you’ve created! It can be a work in progress or something that you’ve finished already! Have fun and post! I’ll insert the link to the slide show tomorrow!

Spirit Week Day 2

Virtual Spirit Week!

Beginning today, I will be posting Virtual Spirit Week activities for everyone!

Monday is Pictures with Your Pets!

Howard the Owl is the only pet in our house. He is about 8 years old, so he would be in third grade too (if he were human). I knitted him as a gift to my kids when they were asking if we could get a pet.

Upload your photo and a description of who you pet is in a Google Slide Show! Look in Google Classroom for the “assignment”.

Play Pet Parade!

Click on the link above and then click present to view the Pet Parade!

Week 3 Lessons Are Up!

Please make sure your child is working on the assignments listed in the Remote Classroom Page above. It is important that he/she is keeping up with the work we are doing. If you have any questions, please let me know!

This week, I’ll be planning on doing a virtual meeting via google hangouts. We received directions last week from the district that this is the platform that is supported by our district. Look for directions on Monday afternoon for how to join the conversation!

Wishtree Chapter 11-12

Today, we’re looking at fun vocabulary from these two chapters. Add a comment for your favorite word that you noticed as I read the story. (Make sure you listen to the story by clicking on the link that’s up above. There is a Wishtree Slides on Google Classroom so that you can type your responses and the blog doesn’t get too cluttered. You are not required to write a response, it’s just for fun to see what other kids in our class are thinking!

Videos of Novel

I’m going to start recording videos of our current novel, The Wish Tree. You will find the links in the page listed above called “The Wish Tree”. I’ll have them as chapters. I couldn’t remember how to pronounce Samar as a girl’s name, so I asked students to tell me if it’s Samar #1 (SAM-er) or #2 (Suh-MAR). Please let me know in the comments below!

Week #2

Greetings! I hope that everyone is doing well and has been able to access the new set of assignments under the “Remote Learning Tab”. If you are having trouble, please use the graphic below to help you!

Where to click to find the assignments for the week.

I will be recording a video this morning of “Wishtree” and posting it on the blog. If you haven’t taken the survey yet for the app you prefer for online community circle with your student and the class, please do so by clicking here Survey.

Information from Dr. Maleyko

Starting Monday, March 23, the Administrative Service Center will no longer be open but, just like our schools, the work will continue.  Our staff will transition to working at home and to make sure we continue to deliver services to the public, I would like to share the following contact numbers and emails: 

Fun and Fit Activities for Home

I found a great resource for fun activities to try at home to help beat boredom. It’s totally reasonable and understandable that our children are getting emotionally and physically tired from the quarantine. Keep in mind, they’re used to spending the majority of their day interacting with peers and following a structured schedule. Here are some ways to help your children get active and creative. Fun and Fit Activities

Go Noodle + DShines

I’d also like to encourage you to go to GoNoodle. The invitation with information about accessing it is here: Invitation

Here is a link from our DShines team that will provide you with daily fun activities and recipes/information for good food to snack on! DShines

Funny Friday!

OK Third Graders! Here’s your chance to check in with a Virtual Community Circle. Today, we are sharing a funny joke or riddle! If you have one, submit it in the comments below and we can all share a laugh together!

Type your joke in the comment box below! To read other jokes kids have posted, click on the “thoughts”.

Shout Outs!

Shout out to the students who have successfully worked on and submitted their Opinion Papers

Oliver, Lillian, Hala, Fatima, Farrah

Shout out to students who have been working on math in Zearn!

Fatima, Kai, Yasmeen, Mahdi, Julia, Farrah