Report Cards

Report cards will be mailed to your homes, not delivered on Thursday. Sorry for the misinformation! Here is a final note from Mr. Short!

Evening Haigh Community,

Please do not forget to join us for our “Haigh Last Day of School Drive-Thru”!!! This final chance to see your Haigh classroom , specials, and support teachers is taking place this Thursday from 10:00am-11:30am. We have definitely missed our owls and hope that you are able to come by to see us before Summer officially begins! K-2 families please use the Silvery Lane Drop Off Lane, 3rd-5th grade families please use the Coburn Drop Off Lane. Families that need to pick up medication, please stop by the staff parking lot behind Haigh. Please see the link below that provides more details about the event. For everyone’s safety we do ask that you stay in your car during the drive-thru. We look forward to seeing those that can make it!

Mr. Short

Click here for Drive-Thru Details 

Final Week of School!

It has been quite a year! There are so many achievements to celebrate with our soon-to-be fourth graders!!! Congratulations to all! I hope to gather together again as a third grade “alumni” next school year, when it is safe and appropriate to do so. Keep those stickers/certificates of excellence! At this point, there are no new assignments. Grades have been submitted and report cards will be coming out this week.

Final Day of School: Thursday

On this day, teachers will be gathering in front of Haigh to pass out yearbooks and report cards. It will work much like the supply pick up. In fact, if you were not able to pick up your child’s materials, those will be available as well. Third grade will be stationed on Coburn from 10:00-11:30 for a drive up/ drive through experience. Teachers will be practicing social distancing and wearing face masks/gloves. If you are not able to come, report cards/yearbooks will be mailed. Any unclaimed belongings will be thrown out.

Very Important Survey

Our school district would like your feedback on the upcoming school year. When possible, please complete the survey below. This will provide our district office with background information that will be helpful when planning for next year. Please click on the Parent Survey link below. Thank you!

School ReOpen Committee Parent Survey #1

Summer Work

Each third grader was given a Summer Bridge Learning Workbook to complete. This is an important resource that your student needs to work on throughout the course of the summer. Plan to spend 20 minutes on it each day, working through the review. Have your child think of it like “Morning Bell Work” to be completed after breakfast or after lunch to help create a routine that is just part of the day.

Remember to include reading as part of the fun of summer. Make fun indoor reading retreats by creating a “sheet tent” or read with flashlights in a darkened room. I even found that setting up under a table with a blanket or sheet thrown over the table and pillow “nests” is a really fun way to enjoy reading. Reading outside under an umbrella or making an outside reading camp is fun, too. We know that summer is a time of rest and relaxation, but it’s also a time that students experience learning loss. To reduce this, make sure your child spends time reading and reviewing. Make it a fun, rewarding part of their day and your child will reap the rewards when they return back to school feeling confident about becoming a fourth grader!

Thank you

I want to thank all of my third grade families for making this a rewarding year for me. Your children are a blessing and each one of them has enriched my life as we worked together this year. I hope they remember this year as one filled with new learning, fun adventures, and friendships. One of the joys of being a teacher is chatting with students who have moved on through elementary, middle school, high school, and beyond! I’ve even begun to have the pleasure of connecting with students who are now adults! Your child is always welcome to come visit and reconnect. Until we meet again, have a wonderful summer!


Boys and girls! One of the most exciting things we do in third grade is transition to using cursive! This year, we weren’t able to do this, but I found some video lessons that you can use to help you learn the correct way to form all of the cursive letters. This is just for you–you don’t have to turn any of this in!

Start with the lower case letters and do them in the order they are listed on the page. The links are down at the bottom of the document, so you’ll have to scroll down a few pages to get there. The lessons are all youtube videos. Have fun!

Link to documents with the video lesson links

Big Blue Button today at 11:00

Yesterday, we tried out the new platform, Big Blue Button! We were able to hear each other, but we couldn’t see each other! I found out that it won’t allow more than 12 at a time on video, so we’ll try it again today and we’ll see what happens. At the very least, we can hear each other!

Then sign in with your student number and password (just like you do for logging in to your school computer).

Next, it may ask for an enrollment code, but probably not. If it does, the code is 7zwqr

Click on Mrs. Joachim’s BBB and click on microphone. Then you will be in and be able to speak.

I hope to see everyone there!!!!!

iLearn Big Blue Button Link

Directions for Supply Pickup

**THIS WILL BE A DRIVE THRU SERVICE ON BOTH DAYS*** I will be there both days from 1:00-3:00.

Steps for pick up: 

  1. For maximum protection we will be placing your students’ resources in a brown bag labeled with their First Name, Last Name, grade level and Teacher. 
  2. Pick-up will be a drive through service. Grades K-1-2 will pick up using the Silvery Lane drop off lane. Grades 3-4-5 will pick up using the Coburn drop off lane. 
  3. Parents please place a sign in your passenger window with the names of your student(s)(First Name, Last Name, Grade Level and Teacher. 
  4. When you pull up to the grade level station, we will then place the brown bag of resources into your trunk and you will be all set 🙂  
  5. Returning Haigh Items-We will have bins set up for safety belts, classroom books, library books, etc..Please place items in a clear/plastic bag that is labeled with the classroom teacher’s name or library.  ***These items can be placed in your trunk and we will take out while placing your students brown bag of resources. 

***Following these steps will keep everyone safe and healthy, thank you for your help and cooperation 🙂  

Assignments for May 18-26

Click on the link to view the assignments. Remember, we will be having online class this week through iLearn and the Big Blue Button! Students can check their email and the blog daily for updates on when we will be holding the next meeting! Our first one is Monday at 11:00!

Assignment Link

Also, remember that you can come this week to pick up your students’ materials/belongings.

There will be a SUMMER BOOK that students can pick up as well. It will help students to bridge the gap between 3rd and 4th grade. It is an AWESOME resource and students can work on it daily for just 15-30 minutes to make sure they are confident about entering 4th grade. I’ve also included the brand new workbook for the final unit in Math. It would be great for students to complete these workbook pages.

The red dot math book will be in the bag too. It is full of unfinished Sprints for the students as well. The kids love these sprints. We have a chant we do before we set the timer for 1 minute to complete the sprint (we try to see how far we can get before the timer goes off). The chant goes like this–

We start at the top! We just don’t stop! We do our best! And forget about the rest! Ready? Steady? Go!!!