Good morning boys and girls! We are going to try some ONLINE LIVE sessions this week using the BIG BLUE BUTTON! It is part of ILearn.

Meet me online on Tuesday morning at 11:00!!!

Assignments for the Week Thank you, Talia!!!

At 11am please click on the link below. It will take you to your ILearn.

Then sign in with your student number and password (just like you do for logging in to your school computer).

Next, it may ask for an enrollment code, but probably not. If it does, the code is 7zwqr

Click on Mrs. Joachim’s BBB and click on microphone. Then you will be in and be able to speak.

I hope to see everyone there!!!!!

iLearn Big Blue Button Link

Change with Supply Pick Up

  • Tuesday, May 19th, 1:00-3:00pm
  • Wednesday, May 20th, 1:00-3:00pm  

Drive Thru Service 

  1. Parents please tape a sign on your passenger door that has the first name, last name, and teacher of your students. 
  2. K-2 parents please pick up items using the Silvery Lane Drop Off, 3-5 parents please pick up items using the Coburn Drop Off lane. 
  3. Items will be placed in your trunk for you. If you are returning items please place them in your trunk in a bag that is labeled with your teacher’s name or the library. 

Assignments for the week of May 11

Everyone is doing a terrific job on their work! Here is the link with all of the assignments that are also on google classroom. Be sure to check both this list and google classroom to make sure you’ve got all the assignments done! Due Dates for all assignments is May 17. There is a LOT of writing this week, so be sure to do some EVERY DAY so you don’t get behind. I’m so proud of everyone for doing their best work so far!

Assignment Link for the week of May 11

Supply Pick Up Days!

This week, you will be able to stop by the school for curbside pickup of student’s personal belongings and supplies. I went to school last week and packed up everything from the lockers, desks, and book boxes. Each student has a large paper bag full of goodies (including a little gift from me). If you’d like to see me at the pick-up, I will be at school from 1:00-3:00 on Thursday. You can also come on Friday from 1:00-3:00.

Midweek Update!

I wanted to let everyone know about updates on school-wide and district-wide information that recently was provided to teachers during this week’s staff meeting.

Registration for Kinder or New Students


GSRP is a free program for all eligible families and is designed to give a high quality preschool experience prior to Kindergarten.

Dearborn GSRP

Food Service for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Holiday – seven days of meals will be distributed on the Wednesday (May 20) prior to the Memorial Day Weekend Holiday.

Student Supplies Pick-Up Dates

We will be passing out students’ belongings from desks and lockers on May 14 and 15 from 1:00-3:00. Third grade will be stationed on Coburn for curbside pickup. I signed up to pass out materials on May 14.

I went through every student’s desk and locker and put everything in the bags, along with an end of the year treat and the Unit 7 math book. Please make sure to take time during the next few months to go through these materials and complete pages to help reinforce third grade learning. We want our students to be confident when they enter 4th grade in the fall!

If your third grader had library books in the school (book boxes, desks, lockers), I have returned those to our school library. However, if you have books or materials at home that belong to the school, you’ll have an opportunity to do that soon. I’ll let you know when that information becomes available to me.

Assignments for the Week of May 4

I hope everyone is doing well! I want to congratulate everyone for another successful week of Remote Learning! Please make sure to have students watch the How To Videos for starting up their email accounts and complete the assignment from WishTree (found in the final video). Here is this week’s assignments!

Assignments for the Week of May 4

Please look for an announcement later in the week for information on when you will be able to pick up your child’s belongings from school. I am working to get these items put together and they will be available to be picked up by you, curbside at Haigh soon.

D Shines Lessons

This is the link to the Ramadan lessons (both English and Arabic versions):

This is the link for the Elementary School Lessons in English

This is the link for the Elementary School Lessons in Arabic

Assignments for Week of April 27-May 3

Click on the link for this week’s assignments. All assignments are due by May 3 and will be used as part of your child’s report card grades.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me through email Monday-Friday from 9:00-3:00. I will respond to your emails promptly.

Assignments for 4/27-5/3

Google meet sessions have been suspended for the time being. Please see the message sent out from Dr. Maleyko.

Dr. Maleyko’s Message

Please make sure your child is listening to The Wishtree videos, posted as links to my youtube channel in the Wishtree page at the top of my blog. We will be finishing that book this week and beginning a new novel next week!

Chromebook Pick Up Date

To help with technology, we will have additional chromebook pick up days. The first day is scheduled for Monday, April 27th from 1:00-3:30pm. Any family that is interested needs to complete the survey below in order to receive a Chromebook . This survey provides us with the number of Chromebooks that our volunteers will need to clean and prep. We are very pleased to be able to offer this technology for your families! CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE TECHNOLOGY SURVEY.

A New Week! Assignments and Announcements for April 20-24

So, this week marks a bit of a transition to a new format of learning for our students. The superintendent sent out information with updated guidelines that can be found on his blog. Click here for Dr. Maleyko’s blog. As a result, I will be checking in with students and families to ensure that students are completing work and making progress on assignments. I have also noted in the Essential Remote Learning Plan the times that I will be available to answer email questions/concerns from parents/guardians.

You are all doing an AMAZING job! I want to congratulate all of my students and parents for the support and effort over these past few weeks. It has been stressful and yet, there have been moments of fun. I will continue to work with you all to make sure that your child’s last quarter of third grade is the best that it can be. Thank you for the work you are doing to make this historical moment a time of learning and of coming together.

Third Grade Essential Remote Learning Plan

SubjectMinutes Each Day at HomeSchedule suggestions
Reading20 minutes*Create a designated space for your child to work at each day with required supplies.
*Begin each school day at the same time and encourage a routine for the day.
*Take frequent breaks of exercise/free-time/games (Go Noodle) to break up the assignments.
*Check over your child’s work and ask them about what they are learning.
*Encourage your child to read independently from a chapter book each day.
Writing20 minutes
Math20 minutes
Science20 minutes
Social Studies20 minutes
Teacher Availability will be from 9:00-3:00 pm Monday-FridayPlease send questions via E-mail“Teachers can open the door, but you must enter it yourself.” — Chinese proverb

Assignment List–With Due Dates!

SubjectContent GoalsAssignments
ReadingInformational Text

Read Article on Penguins and answer questions
Watch the video of Mrs. Joachim’s Lesson!
Penguin Magazine 
Penguin Questions
Due Friday 4/24

Every day, check out the Class Novel to watch the video of Wishtree (links found in the pages listed at the top of my blog)
WritingInformational writingBrochure for National Park Project in Google Classroom 
Due Friday 4/24
MathData: Graphs and ChartsMath Module 6 Lessons 1-5 on Zearn
Do one lesson each day!
Due Friday 4/24
SciencePlants2 Readworks articles about plants in Google Classroom
Due Friday 4/24
Social StudiesGeographyBrochure for National Park Project in Google Classroom 
Due Friday 4/24

Parent Information for the week of April 13

Google Classroom Help For Parents

If some are interested in holding a parent tutorial on the use google classroom, here is a good resource in English and Spanish:

Parent and Guardian Intro to Google Classroom (English)
La Guía de Google Classroom para los Padres/Tutores (Spanish)

Survey to Complete

We are collecting data so we are addressing all the technology needs for our school. Even if you have completed this in the past, please complete the survey below before Wednesday, April 15. Thank you!

Haigh School- Technology at Home Survey