Assignments for May 18-26

Click on the link to view the assignments. Remember, we will be having online class this week through iLearn and the Big Blue Button! Students can check their email and the blog daily for updates on when we will be holding the next meeting! Our first one is Monday at 11:00!

Assignment Link

Also, remember that you can come this week to pick up your students’ materials/belongings.

There will be a SUMMER BOOK that students can pick up as well. It will help students to bridge the gap between 3rd and 4th grade. It is an AWESOME resource and students can work on it daily for just 15-30 minutes to make sure they are confident about entering 4th grade. I’ve also included the brand new workbook for the final unit in Math. It would be great for students to complete these workbook pages.

The red dot math book will be in the bag too. It is full of unfinished Sprints for the students as well. The kids love these sprints. We have a chant we do before we set the timer for 1 minute to complete the sprint (we try to see how far we can get before the timer goes off). The chant goes like this–

We start at the top! We just don’t stop! We do our best! And forget about the rest! Ready? Steady? Go!!!