3rd + grade

1.  Click on these words below in the box for a great typing program:

Image result for typing web    This is the Typing.com app.

If Typing Web is not working, please click on the keyboard below:


Image result for typing web

2. Learn about Voki.  Watch the following slideshare to learn to make Voki booktalks.


3.   Goto to Learn about Voki. Sign up for it. Use your student # @dearbornschools.org. Use your student # as your password.


 Google.comThis is the place where you can create documents and presentations.  

This week.  Mr. Neff will give you a class code to join.

First, sign in to Chrome.  Clink “link data.”  Click on “O.K. I’ve got it.”  Start up Chrome and make a bookmark.  Click on the Classroom link:  Classroom Google


Click on a sample of a Google Slides Presentation: Science Google Slides.

Sample Set of Google Slides









Info Bits for Kids & World Book Kids

National Geographic Animals

Best E-Book Program Ever: MyOn      (Use this only if Mr. Neff tells you to use it please.)

Fun Hooda Math: Hooda Hooda Math

Accelerated Reader




Xtra Challenge

objective:I can make a comic about something I did over the summer. It can be real or made up.



World Book Kids


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