Third Grade

Teaching with Picture Books

Teaching with Picture Books


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1.  Work on your typing skills by clicking on these words: TypingWeb.

(Use the Typing Club program if TypingWeb is not working: Typing Club

2.  Best E-Book Program Ever: MyOn

Look up two books about weather.  Which one do you like better?



3. Gigglepoetry


4. Computer Coding

Fun Computer Coding














Third Grade Blog –  If you want, you can login either Chrome or Google:         Image result for google account   so that your bookmarks are saved.

 Login  with  your, PW-ID#    Be sure to sign out later.

1st.    Click on the typing web logo in the box for a great typing program:





Image result for typing web    This is the app.

If Typing Web is not working, please click on the following keyboard:


Image result for typing web

Click here for two Bookflix books to compare and contrast.

Click on the myOn picture for the Best E-Book Program Ever:

Image result for myon

Google.comThis is the place where you can create documents and presentations.  

This week.  Mr. Neff will give you a class code to join.

First, sign in to Chrome.  Clink “link data.”  Click on “O.K. I’ve got it.”  Start up Chrome and make a bookmark.  Click on the Classroom link:  Classroom Google


Click on a sample of a Google Slides Presentation: Science Google Slides.

2. Click here and read about Landforms Research.


Click on the picture to get to this program:

Click here:  Image result for britannica  The username is longes and the password is access

Britannica Images     Image Quest

My Landforms Report in 2013 Powerpoint.

Sample Set of Google Slides

Click on World Book for Kids to go to the Homework Helpers Page at  Scroll to the bottom & Click on the World Book

Click on Kids Kids Infobits to go to the Homework Helpers Page at  Then scroll to the middle of the page & click on Kids Infobits.

Scroll to the middle of the page & CLICK on Kids Infobits for the el. encyclopedia.

You can also go to World Book for Kids & info bits at the Libraries by clicking below.

Compare two books about animals on bookflix.

Click on Bookflix to go to  At the top of the list is Scholastic Bookflix.

bookflix.images Click on it and pick 2 books from “Animals & Nature.”

I can evaluate books on Myon by using IPICK and recording my thoughts on the form below.

Login to Myon by finding your school on the top line. Your username is your student ID. your password is your birthday.

Find a books that would be good for an animal report. If your teacher has assigned you an animal, use that one. Pick 2 good books to evaluate. Decide which one is best and tell why.


content objective: I can explain what it means to cite a source.
language objective: I can write down the citation information for a source using citation generator.



Google.comThis is the place where you can create documents and presentations.  

This week.  Mr. Neff will give you a class code to join.

First, sign in to Chrome.  Clink “link data.”  Click on “O.K. I’ve got it.”  Start up Chrome and make a bookmark.  Click on the Classroom link:  Classroom Google

Pick “student.”  Click on the + sign.  Enter the code below.

Enter  your class code.  It’s 76ygl9 for Caito.  smolkv for Ms. Martin’s room, and gb032b1 for Ms. Minier.

We will fill in the form below.   Then, we will submit the form by typing  student id  (Remember that you can press the Shift key and then the number 2 to get the at sign or @.)
If you want to use World Book or Infobits, use the link way below for the Dearborn Library.

 If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online.

Click on Bookflix at mel

Click on Bookflix at

Click on me for for Bookflix. Then click on kids and teens and elementary schoolers. Bookflix will be on the right side of the screen.  Click on bookflix.  Read each nonfiction AND fiction selection.  Write down a review of the book or summarize the story.

Library Media Programs

 Best E-Book Program Ever: MyOn

Library Search Programs
What books does our library have by Dr. Seuss?  Which one is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?Libraries      Becker       Click for Becker                Haigh Click for Haigh                    Howard Click for HowardDearborn Public Library  Click for Bryant, Centennial, & Esper    Michigan Electronic Library Click for MEL.orgSchool Programs
Becker School Programs:Accelerated Reader
Smarty Ants                                          Study Island
Haigh School Programs:
Howard School Programs:Khan AcademyMobyMaxXtramath





If you know your login, click here on the blue letters: Everyday Math



Science is Fun: Simulations

I can write code for a computer program using the tools at


Here are the Research Websites, you can use:


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