May 17

Remote Learning Week 9

Hi Parents,

We are ready to begin Week 9. I hope everyone is healthy and well. Hopefully, we start to see consistently nice weather and brighter days ahead 🙂 This week is a 4-day week, as well as next week, due to Memorial Day.

This week will be the last week for Spelling Words. We are focusing on prefixes this week and there are activities on Seesaw for each day, no Spelling Test this week. For Reading, we are moving on to Unit 4- Craft and Structure in Literature. There will be a short video posted each day for your child to watch as they complete their lesson. For Writing, I kept it simple this week with a short Memorial Day writing and discussing what our freedoms mean to us. The assignment is posted on Google Classroom (as well as on this schedule) with a video to watch for background info about Memorial Day and a writing sheet they can type directly on.

For Social Studies, the assignment for the week is posted under Monday. This ties in with Memorial Day and learning about The Pledge of Allegiance. You can print the papers or access this assignment on Google Classroom to type directly on. Submit there or on Seesaw if you print them.

For Math, I skipped a few lessons to get to the end of Module 6. Students will be learning about even and odd numbers this week. I will begin posted 3-4 lessons a week because I want to cover some content in Module 7 before the end of the year. I will go lighter on writing and eliminate spelling in the weeks ahead to make up for more work in Math. This week there are 4 lessons, 17-20. Please send a picture to Seesaw or upload in Google Classroom.

I will check work for Week 9 by Monday night, so there is extra time to complete the work this week. I hope everyone has a nice, relaxing long weekend ahead. I will post Week 10 schedule Monday night.

Schedule Week 9:

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