Exploration the week of 8/29 – 9/1/22

Hello, Friends & Families!

Poem of the week

First Day Of School

In summertime the butterflies

dance ’round our dogwood tree.

Now summer’s done and school’s begun,

they’re fluttering in me!

Will my teacher like me?

Will I make new friends?

Will I learn to write my name

before the school year ends?

Look! There’s my teacher now-

she winks as I walk in.

And a boy with a friendly, freckled face

just flashed me a wide grin.

We learn to write the alphabet-

and it’s only the first day!

Hey, I think those butterflies

are fluttering away!

I’ll see you soon, my sunny friends,

back where you belong-

dancing ’round the dogwood tree

when summer sings its song.

——- Maria Fleming

What Was Happening?

Welcome Back, everyone! I hope everyone had a great and fun summer break. It was so pleasant to see each and every one of you my explorers:) We had a beautiful starting week of school. We did so many fun and educational activities this week, such as taking our pictures on the first day of school, listening to “The Piegon Has to Go to School ” book by Mo Willems(to refresh our reading comprehension), and listening to some songs. This week, we welcomed our new member who joined our family this year, Ms. DeJanea(Ms. D. J.). We are very happy to have you with us, Ms. D. J. 🙂 We are also very delighted to have Ms. Lynn with us, as well.

Again, welcome back everyone:).

Here is the link to this week’s story:

Enjoy this week’s pictures:

Upcoming Events:

  • September 2nd and 5th – No School
  • September 8th  Open House  6:00 – 7:30
  • September 16th – ½ day – Dismissal is at 11:25
  • September 21st Late Start

Have a nice and safe break:)

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