Exploration the week of 06/13/2022


Poem of the week


I approve of June

Fresh food to chew

and chew

and chew

Lots of room to move around

or lie down

Not too hot

Not too cold

Not too wet

Not too dry

A good roof of sky over me and my calf

Who’s now halfway up

on new legs

He’ll want a meal real soon

Yes, I approve of June

————— Marilyn Singer

What was Happening?

On Monday, we started the last week of school by planning for our Summer break.

We filled our “My Summer Bucket List” with our favorite fun activities that we might do.

On Tuesday, we had Howe field day. We had a great and fun time.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a day off at home due to high temperatures.

On Thursday, we welcomed our new friend, Isra, who is going to join our family next year. Isra made a beautiful visit to our room, and she met her new friends as well as her new classroom’s staff. We also made “Happy Father’s Day” cards to celebrate “The world best dad”, our daddy.

On Friday, we ended this week with a half day, said goodbyes, took a group pictures, and we wished each other a beautiful Summer break.

Enjoy this week’s pictures:

From our family at room 107 to your family, we wish you all a happy, fun, and safe Summer break 🙂

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