Salina: 4th/ 5th Grade

September 2020:

The students will be participating in a Fitness Pre-Testing unit and establishing routines and procedures.  Soccer skills will be the sports focus of Quarter #1.           


This will include:

  • Learning the procedures of taking fitness tests
  • Practicing fitness tests and test taking strategies
  • Completing the test and establishing baseline scores
  • The assessments for Quarter #1 are: 
    • 13 minute run- 4th grade
    • 15 minute run- 5th grade
    • Soccer striking (kicking) assessment
  • Soccer kicking assessment: 
    • 1. approach the ball
    • 2. plant non-kicking foot next to the ball
    • 3. strike the ball with top or inside of foot
    • 4. follow through towards target
    • 5. must be able to hit the target from 15 feet away