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Tuesday, Aug. 30

Today students discussed what a good listener does. They decided that good listeners use their ears, eyes, and calm bodies to listen. They also discussed that good listeners listen to principals, teachers, and classmates. Good listeners do not interrupt, raise their hand, and follow directions. Good listeners are always kind.

Students also read a story about the beach and wrote what they liked to do at the beach.

For math we discussed what a mathematician is. Mathematicians add, subtract, work with shapes, time, and money. Mathematicians work with numbers, listen, share tools, make diagrams, and solve problems. Students created a mathematician cartoon with some of their math ideas.

We also had so much fun in gym class with Mr. Lesniak!

Today students are taking home an allergy paper. There are students in first grade with severe allergies. No nuts are allowed in our classroom.

Tomorrow’s Special: Media Center

Tomorrow’s Lunch: Spaghetti with Halal Meatballs / Bosco Sticks

*Reminder: Please return your emergency form if you have not already

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