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Monday Sept. 13th

Today we took the NWEA reading test, not all of us finished so we will continue to work on finishing this portion of the test in the next few days. Once we have finished both portions of the test, a score sheet will be sent home to show where students are starting first grade at. We enjoyed our special, music, and made math bracelets that represented a rekenrek.

Tomorrow we will take the State mandated NWEA test for Math. This test will not count towards a grade or report cards but please make sure students are well rested and have had a healthy breakfast. (Remember students can always get a free breakfast in the cafeteria before school starts).

Today’s Math Practice: Pages 35 & 36 Math worksheet (use your math bracelet to help you) / Read for 20 minutes and fill out R.E.D. folder for today (return the RED folder for a sticker)

Today’s Spelling Practice: Rainbow words (write each word in pencil and then trace over with a crayon or colored pencil, then pick another color) Please continue to bring in your spelling notebooks and complete your spelling each day. At the end of the week we will do a spelling check.

Tomorrow’s Special: Media Center

Tomorrow’s Lunch: Halal Chicken Nuggets / Yogurt Parfait & fruit

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