September 2

McDonald Schedule

McDonald Media Class Schedule 2023-2024

Time  Period  Monday-Media   Tuesday-Media  Wednesday-Media 
9:10-9:55 1st Period Berro 1st  Hachem 2nd  ASD Staff 
10:00-10:45 2nd Period Nasser  2nd Ahmed 1st  Moqbal ASD 
10:50-11:35 3rd Period Erickson 3rd Beaver 3rd   ASD K-1 Lowry 
11:40-12:05 4th Period Library Work Library Work Library Work
12:05-1:30  Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep Lunch/Prep
1:30-2:15 5th Period   Jadallah  5th Ridha 5th  Wagner 4th/5th 
2:20-3:05 6th Period Zapata K  Fournier k Musleh  1st/2nd
3:10-3:55 7th Period Nickels 4th  Aun 4th  Jarouche  3

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