May 12

Media Lesson for the Week of May 10th

This week you learn how to navigate a reading website called Myon, and choose one book to report back to me on. Hopefully you will go back and read many more books on MyOn before May 31st! Your assignment is in Google Classroom! First graders at Oakman will be making a video of their animal reports. The directions are in google classroom as well!

April 27

Media Lesson for the Week of April 27th

April is Poetry Month! This week we are going to read some poems and make videos of us reading them through flipgrid! Your assignment will be in google classroom.

*Ms. Younce and Ms. Hoffman’s classes- You will be practicing putting pictures in slides for your animal report! Have a great week! Go to google classroom, click on “To Do” and you will see your assignment!

April 20

Media Lesson for the week of April 20!

Hi Everyone! This week is National Park Week! This week you will listen to a story about how the National Parks were created, and then get to choose a National Park video as a virtual field trip! Here is a short preview of 59 of the 62 National Parks in a little over a minute. Your assignment will be available tomorrow in Google Classroom, but you do not have to work on it until your normal Media day!

April 13

Media Lesson for the Week of April 13th

Hi everyone! Your lesson will be posted on Tuesday to your Google Classroom for grades 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. This week you will get to listen to my son, a 7th grader, read a story he wrote as an assignment. He had to write a story for a student in elementary school. After you will click the link to Pebble Go, and learn about real hippopotamus’! You can also explore other things on Pebble Go! Then I am going to have you fill out a short google form on what you have learned. I have also included a link to online coloring you can do.
1. Listen to my son’s story
2. Listen to my lesson on how to use Pebble Go
3. Go to, then Pebble, Go and learn about hippopotamus
4. Fill out the short google form, and then click turn in, so I know you completed the work. You have until Friday to complete the lesson.
5. Color a baby hippo for fun!