Marble Jar Party

Our PBIS marble jar party will be taking place Friday, December 8th because we were able to get our jar filled for positive behavior. It will be an electronics party so if your student has an electronic they would like to play with during this reward, please send it with them. They will be responsible for them.


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Volunteers Needed! Please consider

Hello Everyone!
As you might already know, Dearborn Public Schools is hosting a FTC State Qualifier AND FLL Jr. Expo on Saturday, December 9th at McCollough Unis School (7801 Maple Street, 48126).
They are still SHORT the necessary VOLUNTEERS needed to have a SUCCESSFUL EVENT AND NEED YOUR HELP!
If you have volunteered for FIRST before, please log in and choose our Dearborn FTC event.  If not, please go to for detailed steps on how to REGISTER TODAY. The screening/background check takes about a week.  You can fill a role even if you are not available the entire time.  Just indicate your availability when you register as a volunteer for the event. Most roles have on the job training.
Please, please, please HELP!  WE NEED YOU!  Your support will benefit 36 FTC teams and 14 FLL Jr. Teams of which 15 are DEARBORN ROOKIE ROBOTICS TEAMS.
Thanks again!
Kidada Simmons

Unis Middle School
Event Coordinator
Saturday’s Agenda: 6 a.m. School Opens; 6:30 Volunteers Report; 7 to 8 Teams Check in; 8 to 10 Inspections & Judging; 10:15 Drivers’ Meeting; 10:30 Opening Ceremony; 11 Matchplay; 12:30 to 1 Lunch; 1 to 3 Matchplay; 3:15 Alliances Selection; 3:30 to 4:30 Elimination Rounds; 5 Awards; 5:30 Tear Down; 8 Building Closes.
Unfilled Positions as of  7:30 AM 11/30/17
FTA Support (Div. Only)
FTAA (2)
Lead Scorekeeper
MC 10:30AM-7PM
Game Announcer 10AM-6:30PM
REFEREES: 10:30 to 5 Referees can fill other roles prior to match play.
Referee 4
INSPECTORS: Inspectors can fill other roles after Inspections are complete
Inspector 4: 6AM-10:30AM
FIELD: Reset/Queuers/Runners can fill other roles before match play begins. 10AM-6:30PM
Field Reset
Field Reset
Field Reset
Lead Queuer
Queuer Field 1 morning
Queuer Field 2
Runner 1 Field 2
Runner 2 Field 2
PIT: Registration can fill other roles in the afternoon
Team Check-In 6AM-9AM
Pit Admin Lead 6AM-6:00PM
Safety Glass ALL DAY
Safety Glass ALL DAY
DJ 9:30AM-7:00PM
Photographer ALL DAY
JUDGES: 7:30 – 11 2 Judges/room * # of rooms; Judges Room Assts. & Runners can fill other roles after Judging
Judge Advisor
Judge 1
Judge 2
Judge 3
Judge 4
Judge 5
Judge 6
Judge 7
Judge 8
Judge 9
Judge 10
Judge 11
Judge 12
Add’l judges as needed
Add’l judges as needed
Add’l judges as needed
Add’l judges as needed
Field Match Observer
Judges Runner – 1
Judges Runner – 2
Judges Runner – 3
GENERAL: # of Concession Workers is hosts choice
Load-In/Load Out Lead  6AM-9AM AND 5PM-7PM
Queuer Field 1 PM
Crowd Control am
1- tear down
Crowd control am.
1- tear down
Practice field 2
Pratice field 1 PM person
Pratice Field 2 PM
Pre sales pizza
Safety glasses 10-12

Kidada Simmons

Unis Middle School