Unit 1 Math Tests went home today

Dear parents,

I’ve graded and sent unit 1 math test home with students today. I’m requiring the students to have a parent sign and RETURN their test by TOMORROW.¬†Please be sure to go over problems they missed and discuss the results of the test with your student.

Thank you,

Mr. Hammoud

Kids helping kids (SSTRIDE fundraiser)

Miller school will be holding a fundraiser to help support the victims of Hurricane Irma. More details below.

Who: Miller students

What: Pay $1 to wear PJ’s to school

Why: Helping Hurricane Irma’s student victims

When: Thursday, October 5th

*We will be sending personal hygiene items to students affected by Irma that are a part of the SSTRIDE program

Reading bags and math bags sent home today

Dear parents,

Today students were given 2 bags (math bag & reading bag) to bring to and from school every day. The math bag will have math manipulatives (dice,cards, flash cards etc.) inside of it and the reading bag should have books for the students to read from. Math manipulatives will be added as the year progresses however, a pair of dice should be inside the bag so that they can practice their multiplication (1-12). Students can roll the dice and think of the product for each combination.

Notebooks for class

Dear Parents,

Please ensure students have the following notebooks for class starting next week. All students were provided with a notebook for their morning work but they need more notebooks.


Mr. H

P.S. These are what I am requiring them to label on the cover of their notebooks.