May 26

Howard Special Area Weekly Announcement

Good Morning Howard Dragons!

Thank you to all students and families who are participating in their special area classes and sharing with us your participation!  We love to see what you are doing and we miss you!

As we are closing in on the end of the school year, we wanted to share with you the grading scale we are required to use.  

Elementary Grading Criteria – COVID-19 School Shutdown

For the current marking period:

Students receive feedback on weekly assignments in the form of narrative comments. 

  • Meeting:  regularly submitted work and attended check-ins
    • High participation
  • Progressing:  Submitted most assignments and attended some of the check-ins
  • Limited Participation:  with one of the following explanations
    • Rarely or did not submit work 
    • Rarely attended check-in sessions 
    • Family hardship during the time of instruction 

Please know that we understand how hard this has been to all families.  We have families ourselves and are juggling many of the same things that you are.  

Our lessons should be a FUN way to engage in school and are not intended to be a further point of stress, but a way to balance yourselves holistically.

Connect in our blog, the Lessons are in our Google Classrooms.

Mrs. Bagnall

Mrs. Hartrick

Mr. Haliburda

Mrs. Thomas

Mrs. Turk

Music Google Class Codes: 

  • Ms. Bagnall K-5:  ycg42v2 
  • Ms. Hartick Band: zqnaq3t, Orchestra: ksc6cqu      

PE Google Class Codes:

  • Kindergarten-2nd Grade Class Code: uxr5bl4
  • 3rd-5th Grade Class Code:  pbwlrxk

Art Google Class Codes:

  • Kindergarten google art classroom class code: x7742vz
  • 1st grade google art classroom class code: asxnyvj
  • 2nd grade google art classroom class code: 6iqg53g
  • 3rd grade google art classroom class code: jv4xvbo
  • 4th grade google art classroom class code: 6yhajk2
  • 5th grade google art classroom class code: oknozyb                                   

Media Google Class Codes:

1st, 2nd, 3rd graders are already signed in to their media google classrooms 🙂

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