October 14

8th Annual Robert Cipriano Memorial Run Results

I would like to start by congratulating all of our students for doing an outstanding job at the event.  I was very proud of their attitude, effort, and performance.  I also thought they all did a great job representing themselves and Howard Elementary!   I’m pleased to announce the 2018 Cipriano Memorial Run placers for Howard Elementary!  

Below are the students from Howard Elementary that placed up to 50th place:                    

4th Grade Boys

NameĀ  PlaceĀ  Time

Zachary Zahr 1ST 6:23

Ali Yassine 16th 7:24

Nabil Saad 44th 8:14

4th Grade Girls

Nora Khuja 1st 7:14

Emily Montierth 7th 7:46

Leah Hussein 10th 7:46

Juliette Giedeman 50th 9:42

5th Grade Boys

Jay Haidar 8th 6:34

Dean Hammoud 12th 6:43

Mahdi Awali 19th 6:53

Hassan Jouni 23rd 6:58

Jamal Salame 24th 6:59

Adam Alcodray 40th 7:45

5th Grade Girls

Sadina Sabbagh 20th 8:11

Sareen Krecht 22nd 8:13

Madina Rida 43rd 9:01

The top 10 ten students from each group received a medal and all of the students who participated will receive a ribbon in class.   All of the results can be found at this link: https://raceday.enmotive.com/?_ga=2.256911746.862291436.1570820990-212649274.1556304591#/events/2019-cipriano-elementary-middle-school-xc-meet/results

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