Week of March 30-April 3, 2020

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Hi students and families! Hope you enjoyed the videos from brainpop or generationgenious.com and were able to do some of the science at home activities that went with them. If anyone had trouble getting on sites- login with gruczl and password is oakman 2020. No worries if you were not able to get to, they are always on my blog and you can go back and do another day. Feel free to share any of your work or send me a little text how your doing. Remember you can contact me on here, through your classroom teacher, Class Dojo, or my email gruczl@dearbornschools.org. Would love to hear from you:)

This week I have listed three fun science activities you can do with your siblings or other family members in your house.

Enjoy and remember to have fun while learning!!!!

Activity #1

Science Experiment – Here is a link to a science experiment “pop bottle science” that a member of our district enrichment team posted on YouTube if you want to try this at home. Let me know how it turns out! Write a couple sentences about what happened and or how you would change or improve the experiment.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ox1uzpKMV4

Activity #2

Animal Tracks Challenge Part 1:  What animal do you think made these tracks?

View 1

View 2

CHALLENGE Part  #2: Go outside and see what kind of animal tracks you can find in your backyard.

Use the Michigan animal tracks provided to help you discover what animal tracks you may have observed.

Activity #3

Make home-made playdough! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!

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