Hi Boys and Girls,

I hope everyone is doing good. I will be posting science activities for you to do at home and have fun with weekly. If you have any questions you can reach me on my blog or email me at gruczl@dearbornschools.org.

Young 5’ and Kindergarten

Sink or Float Activity:

Watch video on brainpopjr. click on link below.


1.Fill a tub, plastic container or even a pot with water.

2.Find objects around your house or outside
(Examples:  leaf, twig, rock, ball, apple, pencil, cotton ball, button, bread, paper cup, spoon, fork, napkin, small plastic container lid etc…)

3. Before placing objects in water, predict if the object will sink or float.

4.  Place objects one by one in the tub of water and observe. Did they sink or float?

5. When finished, draw on one side of paper the objects that floated and on back of paper draw the objects that sank.

First grade and Second Grade

Aluminum Foil Boat Float Activity: 

Watch sink or float video on brainpopjr. Click on link below:


  1.  Create a boat using only aluminum foil.
  2. Test your boat in a tub or container of water to see if it floats. 
  3. Once you get the aluminum foil boat to float, see how many pennies your boat can hold before sinking. (*If you do not have pennies use any small objects such as: paper clips, toothpicks, straws, small noodles, buttons, dimes,etc.)
  4. Use attached link to help guide you with activity: https://pin.it/2Hia6Uf

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

Create Your Own Animal Activity:

  1. Think of different types of animals.
  2. Pretend you are a zoologist who has just discovered a new animal species.
  3. Create a poster or just use regular paper to do the following:

-Draw how this new animal looks.

Then write the following about your animal

-Animal name

-Description of animal

-Animal’s structure(parts) and functions(what it uses parts for).

-Habitat (Where animal lives and why)

-Any adaptations the animal has to help it survive in the environment.

  1.  Save your activity and bring  back to school to share with class and me:)

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