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Lessons and HW

Population Lesson 2: 



End of Unit Project: 

End of unit project options

5 themes project notes

Theme 5: Place

Place Article

Double Bubble For Place Use your “Place” article to fill in the double bubble for physical place and human place.

Place Structured Writing (Scaffolded) Use the information from you double to complete the paragraph.

Theme 4: Location

Identifying Absolute Location

Across the USA

Location structured writing

Location Article

Location double bubble


Midterm study guide

Midterm Study Guide Answers

Theme 3: Human-Environment Interaction

Human Environmental Article

Theme 2: Regions

US Regions reading

Region Flow Chart

Theme 1: Movement

Movement Article  : read, summarize, and answer the comprehension questions in complete sentences, on a seperate sheet of paper.

Movement Vocabulary Log : use the Movement Article to complete the vocabulary log.

Movement Tree Map : Use the movement article to fill in the flow chart. The rectangles are the things that move and the circles are examples of those things.

Meet Young Immigrants CCR : use the website to choose an immigrant story and to complete the close and critical reading analysis. Do this on a separate sheet of paper folded into four squares.

Five Themes of Geography Lesson

5 themes of Geography notes

5 Themes Guided Notes

Five Themes of Geography Reading