Week of Feb 10

Good Morning Hornets!

This week we will be completing a project for the theme of Place. You will be assigned a U.S. city to describe using physical characteristics and human characteristics, to tell the class what it’s like there. This will be a partner project and we will be completing it together in class.

Next week we have Mid-Winter Break. Please make sure you are checking your grades for any missing work before we go off on our week long break.

There is a new extra credit opportunity posted under “Extra Credit Opportunities”. Please check it out.

Have a wonderful week! Go Hornets!

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Week of February 3

Happy February Hornets!

This week we will be diving deep into the theme of Place, which is our last theme for our ‘5 themes of geography’ unit. The theme of place asks the question, what is it like there? When describing places around the world, this theme focuses on what the area looks and feels like and how the people are. All the assignments we work on in class will be posted under “Lessons and HW”.

You have a map quiz this week on the countries of Northern Africa. Please make sure to study and use my study tools under the page “Map Quiz Help”.

For the month of February , student council will be selling Candy Grams. You can buy candy for you and your friends from your A2 teacher. We will also be raising money for the Leukemia Foundation. Give all your donations to your A2 teacher.

Happy Monday! Go Hornets!

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Week of January 27

Good Morning Hornets!

This week we will be concluding our discussion about Location and moving into the last theme of geography, PLACE. Place is the last theme to end our unit on the five themes of geography.

There is a map quiz next week on Northern Africa. The countries are: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan. Dates of map quizzes are as follows:

B Day: February 4

A Day: February 5

Please find all the materials for this week’s activities under “Lessons and HW”

The whole school is participating in a Pennies for Patients fundraiser, raising money for the Leukemia Foundation. Each of you has a donation box to collect money in. Our goal is to raise over 300$. We did it for Zaman and we can do it again 🙂

Go Hornets!

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Week of Jan 21

Good Morning Hornets!

This week is a short week with Tuesday and Wednesday being half days. We are starting a new theme of geography: Location. This should be familiar to all of you. We will be revisiting absolute and relative location and how these two types of location help us describe the Earth. I will post the article and activities we are doing this week under “Lessons and HW”.

Our field trip to High Velocity Sports is on March 9. Your field trip form is due this Friday, JANUARY 24. You must turn in your permission slip form, the High Velocity Sports waiver, and $15. If your parents want to chaperone, they need to check the chaperone box and get cleared through iChat. If your parents went on the Henry Ford trip with us, they are already cleared and can join us on the trip.

If you lost your permission slip and waiver, I have them attached here:

Go Hornets!

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Week of January 13

Good Morning Hornets!

This week marks the last week of Quarter 2; which means your grades will be final by Friday. Please take a look at student connect and make sure you have all your work turned in.

Your midterm exam is this week. Your study guide is due on the day of the exam. I have a copy of the study guide and the answers posted under the “Lessons and HW” page.

Friday is a half day. We will be doing NWEA make ups for students who missed the test so come prepared with a book to read or work to complete if you are finished with your NWEA.

Go Hornets!

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Week of January 6

Good Morning Hornets!

Welcome back.

We will begin the week with NWEA testing for Language Usage. Once we are done with testing we will finish our discussion and lesson about Human/Environment Interaction. We will be reading and analyzing an article called “Human-Environment Interaction”. You can find the article under Lessons and Hw page, just in case you need another copy.

Please check your grades this week. Even though we did a grade check in before winter break, you need to stay on top of your grades before the card marking ends. Remember that anything that was due before winter break, expect for the Lorax activities, will not be accepted.

Your midterm exam is going to be next week. The study guide will be handed out in class, we will go over it and play a review game. Please finish and turn in the study guide on the day of the test. The study guide can be found in the “Lessons and Hw” page.

We have a new teacher in our classroom: Mr. Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed is a University of Michigan student who is studying to be a teacher. He will be teaching alongside myself and he will have the same authority as I do.

Again, welcome back!! Go Hornets!

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