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Physical Activity:

How fast can you go? Collect items listed below as fast as you can then complete 30 seconds of the exercise associated with each object. Not sure what an exercise is? Click on the title. Have fun and Go! 

Item to collectPhysical Activity (30 seconds each)
MaskMonster jumps
PumpkinToe taps off the pumpkin
SpiderFrankenstein Walks  
Pumpkin Spice food itemPush ups
CandyJumping Jacks
BroomHops over the Broom
GhostGhost Squat- Squat with ghost arms
MummyMummy hops (hop up & down)
ScarecrowScarecrow hold (1 leg up, arms out to side)
Trick or treat bagYour favorite exercise 


Veggie Skeleton: Your kids are going to have lots of candy for Halloween, so here’s a healthy snack idea you can try! Added bonus: kids will like the idea of eating “Skeleton bones” (ewww!), they just may eat more veggies than usual.


Head–lettuce leaves, sliced olives, veggie dip in a small bowl
Body–celery, baby carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms, cherry or grape tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers

Variations: Don’t have the same vegetables? That’s okay! Use any colorful vegetables you have available at home to make your skeleton. 


Have your kids arrange the veggies on a platter in the shape of a skeleton, top with an appropriately sized bowl of veggie dip for the head.

COVID-19 Resources:

Mask wearing, when worn consistently and correctly, is an important way to slow the spread of COVID-19. Whether you’re out in the community with your family or your child returned to school for in-person learning, the use of face masks may be required. This new concept may be strange or a little scary to some kids, especially when it’s time for them to wear one, too. Below are some fun and easy tips for you and your family to encourage mask wearing and make it fun:

  • Give kids time to practice wearing masks around the house before they are required to wear them full time.
  • Allow kids to pick out their own mask or let them decorate one.
  • Be a mask role model. 
  • Make play masks for dolls or stuffed animals.
  • Follow a plan and use healthy rewards when you see your child using mask etiquette. This includes wearing it over their nose and mouth, taking it off properly, and storing it in a safe, clean place.
  • Explain to them why it’s important to wear it and allow them to ask questions. 

In addition to mask wearing, also encourage your child to do the following to help keep them and others safe:

  • Wash their hands with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
  • Avoid touching their eyes, nose, mouth, and mask unless absolutely necessary.
  • Limit the use of shared objects, like writing utensils and toys, when possible

Please visit the Healthy Dearborn, Fun, Healthy Resources Survey to submit feedback and additional ways Healthy Dearborn can help support you and your family with physical activity, nutrition and/or COVID-19 resources.   

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