AP Form/Payment

Please make sure to have the AP Exam Sign-Up Form completed first:

AP Exam Sign-Up Form

In order to pay by credit card please go to Parent Connect (link is below)


1.  Login to Parent Connect  (Student Connect will not work).

Parent Connect

If you need help with the username and the password please see attached document.

2.  Choose the Student Name

3. Click on Account and then you will see “Online SBA payments”

4. Choose the student and then choose the item you want, put the quantity, and then add to the cart and proceed to checkout  (the max it will let you do is 6)

Here are the items to choose from:

AP Exam Full Pay (Amount: $98.00)

AP Exam Reduced Pay (Amount: $53.00)

AP Seminar Full Pay (Amount: $146.00)

AP Seminar Reduced Pay  (Amount: $101.00)

AP Research Full Pay  (Amount: $146.00)

AP Research Reduced Pay  (Amount: $101.00)

**If you are a Edsel and a DCMST student, you must click in ParentConnect on the Edsel track and not the DCMST track to find the online payment.

There will be NO refunds given if you decide not to take the exam after a payment is made. There is also a $40 late fee for students who want to register after the deadline.

Please email me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Mohamed