March 13, 2020

Hello Students and Families, 

On March 12th, schools were ordered to close down for three weeks. However, this does not mean that your education stops. You can expect to be given assignments to do online, from the comfort of your home! 

All seventh grade science teachers will be using the following format for the next three weeks:

  • On Monday, by noon, we will post your weekly assignments on the blog. These will consist of NewsELA and IXL assignments. 
  • These assignments are due on Saturday, by noon. 
  • Each assignment will be graded based on completion and effort. 

In addition to your weekly assignments, we are asking that you continue to work on your science fair project on your own.  When you return to school, we need a document which has the following:

  • The science question you are investigating
  • The hypothesis stated as an if/then statement
  • The procedure to complete the experiment
  • A list of materials needed
  • Research about your topic
  • The Independent variable, dependent variable and control variable. 

The actual experiment does not need to be done at this time.  We know many of you are working with a partner, and we do not expect you to work with a partner at this time.

Please email me with any questions and/or concerns.

Be safe.

Ms. Duquette

March 5th, 2020

Students have a 321 article summary due tomorrow. The articles are as follows: 2nd Hour- Bad Bounce, 3rd Hour-Into the Fire, 4th Hour-Cake Chemist, 5th Hour- Secrets in the Ice, 6th Hour-Domino Design.

Students had time in class to organize all work in their Interactive Science Notebook. Students should have all pages up to page 40A completed.

On Tuesday, students began a frayer model of 4 words. Students will be discussing those words tomorrow and I will collect this paper. The words are optimize, prototype, investigation and evaporation.

February 24, 2020

Students are to complete the 7.3-4 Review on page 38A. The following needs to be completed:

What did we do?

What evidence did we gather?

My answer to the question- What affects the temperature of a system?

How does this connect to the unit challenge?


February 10th, 2020

Students completed a test today. The results will be in the computer after each class. Students wishing to retake the test will need to follow the retake policy. Please visit my blog for the retake policy. Remember, the retake test is a different form than the first test. The retake will be on Thursday morning at 7:30 and Thursday after school.

Students have a 3-2-1 Summary due on Friday, February 14th. The articles for each class are as follows: 2nd Hour-We’re Still Here, 3rd Hour- Your Brain on Games, 4th Hour- Saving Slow Lorises, 5th Hour- Monkey Crossing, 6th Hour- Journey to the Deep.

February 4th

In the lab completed on February 4th students discovered thermal energy is transfered at different rates depending on the object the energy is traveling. Below are students taking the temperature of the liquids after heated bolts are added to water and oil.

February 5, 2020

Students will have science test on Monday, February 10th. The concepts students will need to know have been discussed in the Cocoa Collision Simulation, Hot and Cold Hands Lab, Food Coloring in Hot/Cold Water Lab and the Videos shown in class. Students should have an understanding of the following vocabulary words: convection, conduction, radiation, thermal energy, conventions, energy transfer, random, equilibrium. Students have worksheets in their Interactive Science notebooks to use as a study guide.