Kindergarten scrapbook

Good afternoon! I will be driving by your house today and dropping off the end-of-the-year gift I have for the kiddos!

Here’s the link for the scrapbook that the kiddos are getting in their buckets! It’s a long video and the scrapbook can’t be completed in one day so have them take their time! Hopefully you will enjoy it for many years to come!

Summer Learning Expectations For Snow Elementary

Snow Suggested Summer Work by Grade:

(Please follow the grade your child was in for 19-20 school year)

Young FivesRead a book (or listen to a book) 15 mins every dayWriting: Practice letter formation for both upper and lowercase lettersPractice first and last nameCount to 100 (by 1’s and 10’s)Play a math game once a week
KindergarteniReady: 30 minutes per week (optional)Writing: 1-2 sentences three times a week in a journalZearn: 30 minutes once a week (optional)Read a book for 15 minutes three times a week (or more!)Play a math game three times a week
1st gradeiReady: 60 min per weekZearn: 60 min per weekRead a book- 15 min per day
2nd gradeiReady: 60 min per weekZearn: 60 min per week Read a book- 15 min per day

3rd gradeiReady: 60 minutes per weekZearn: 60 min per weekRead: 20 min per day

4th gradeiReady – 60 minutes per weekZearn – 60 minutes per weekRead – 20 minutes per day

Last Day

June 8, 2020

Dear Snow Families,

On behalf of the Snow Team, we would like to wish every Snow family and safe and relaxing summer break.  We are so proud of how the whole Snow community came together during this difficult period to support our students. Each child is precious to us and we miss them dearly.  

To help our students continue to make progress throughout the summer break, we will be posting suggested summer work.  

Thursday, June 11 is the last ½ day of school for students.  The Snow staff would like to say goodbye to students for summer time by standing along Culver Street at  11:00am on June 11.  Staff will be waving goodbye and sending their best wishes to all Snow students.  We are asking any family that chooses to participate to drive south down Culver at this time and wave to staff and honk their horns!  

As we receive information regarding the 2020-2021 school year, we will be sure to communicate through the district website and our Snow blog.  Have a wonderful break!

The SnowTeamThank you,

Amal Alcodray
PrincipalSnow School

Research Projects

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am posting the video presentations in Class Dojo because the files are too large to post on the blog. So, make sure you look at Class Dojo daily to see the awesome presentations your classmates have done!!


I have a lot of students that have not sent pictures of last week’s schoolwork. Please send those ASAP. I have also received a few “Last week of Kindergarten pictures”, but not many. Please send them as soon as you can!

Week of June 1, 2020

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We have decided that the students have been working so hard the last couple of weeks that we wanted to give them a lighter workload for the last two weeks of school. Students will choose one or two activities from the BINGO board to do everyday this week. As always, please send pictures of what activities your child does and send them to me daily or at the end of the week. I HOPE THE STUDENTS ENJOY THE ACTIVITIES AND HAVE FUN!!

End of the Week

Happy Saturday! Please don’t forget to send pictures of your child’s weekly work.

Some parents have found that when sending me the video of their child sharing their research project, it was too large to send through email or text. Many have used WhatsApp and a few have put it on YouTube as a private video and sent me a link. I can’t wait to see everyone’s presentation!