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Good Afternoon!  We are going to be making Witches’ Brew and having a small classroom party on October 31, 2018!  Students can wear their costumes to school but please remember…..NO MASKS, NO MAKE-UP and NO WEAPONS.  Also try to keep in mind that we will have gym that day and they will need to be able to go to the restroom while in their costume. So, with all that being said, think SIMPLE!  In order for us to do the activities we have planned, please sign up to donate something to our classroom party.  Thank you in advance.  -Mrs. Fleming

Hello Parents!

Hello Parents!  I hope everyone is doing well today!  If you get this message please comment with your child’s name and they will receive a prize tomorrow.  I am trying to make sure our whole class has someone that can access our blog!

Thank You,

Mrs. Fleming