Morning Zoom Meeting

Good morning everyone! If you missed the zoom meeting this morning please do not worry! We will have another one tomorrow morning at 8:15 a.m. and hopefully, we can get more of you in the meeting. We are all going to need to be patient as we are all new to everything this year! This morning was a short meeting where I introduced myself, had students introduce themselves, answered questions, went over meeting expectations, and read a story. The story was titled, “First Day Jitters.” I did assign work for the students to complete. First, if you were unable to attend the meeting please look up the book, “First Day Jitters” on youtube and have your child listen to it. The three things they should do today are:

  1. Draw a picture of a time that they were nervous. Then, tell someone at home about the picture so they can write a sentence on the bottom of the picture for you to share tomorrow.
  2. Practice writing your name correctly, using an uppercase letter for the first letter and a lowercase letter for the rest of the letters in your name. Please write your name three times.
  3. Go to youtube and look up Jack Hartman. Listen to a few of his songs! He is awesome and a lot of fun!