Independent Work for Friday, September 18,2020

Here is a reminder of the Independent Work for Friday, September 18, 2020.

  1. Practice writing uppercase and lowercase Jj’s. Practice writing your first name.
  2. Writer’s Workshop-Opinion writing:  Write about your favorite part of “If You Take a Mouse to School.   Students should draw a picture and label the picture to the best of their ability.  They will dictate a sentence to an adult and the adult can write it for them. Please follow the WOW writing rules we went over today.  Step 1: Write their name and date at the top.  Step 2: Think of their story.  Every story should have a beginning, middle and end.  Step 3:  Students count how many words are in their sentences and draw that many lines for the words. Step 4: Students will write the words for their sentences on the lines (to the best of their ability).  Step 5:  Sketch a picture and label the picture with words or beginning sounds.  Step 6:  Color the picture. 
  3. Math lesson 9 page 39. I added a video in case the students need to see the lesson again. 
  4. Read using one of the three ways to read a book for 15 minutes. (Read the words, read the pictures or retell the story.)

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