Independent Work for Friday Afternoon

All of these activities are also listed on Schoology.

Independent work for Friday afternoon:

  1. Read/Listen to a book for 10-15 minutes using one of the three ways we learned (using pictures, using words, or retelling).  Take a picture of the student using one of the ways to read a book and submit it.
  2. Complete math workbook page 17 (page 19 is where they find the pictures to cut out).  Please submit a picture of the completed work.
  3. Complete the, “How do you feel?” SEL activity listed on Schoology.  Students can write their answers in a notebook.  Please take a picture and submit it. 
  4. Shared Writing-Ask your child what they like to do outside or at recess. Be sure they use a complete sentence to answer you.  Then students will draw a picture and label it to tell what they like to do outside or at recess.  Please submit a picture when they are finished. 

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