Week 2 – Online Learning

This week will be the second week of remote online learning. To be successful at home, make sure you are logging in to Class Dojo and Google Classroom weekly, if not every day. Here are a list of assignments expected to be completed this week:


  • Read 30 minutes every day. If you want to read to a sibling or pet and post on Class Dojo you may. There are also many resources you can use to read if you don’t have books at home like readworks.org, newslea.com, and the ones posted on Google Classroom.
  • Complete the reading log Ms. Abdullah posted on Google Classroom.
  • Do the all about sentences assignment posted by Ms. Abdullah. Be sure to look at the examples before completing the Google Doc.
  • 3 weeks of writing have been posted by Ms. Dexter. This week you are focusing on writing an opinion piece.


  • Each day you will work on a new lesson of Zearn.
  • Monday Lesson 25
  • Tuesday Lesson 26
  • Wednesday Lesson 27
  • Thursday Lesson 28
  • Friday Lesson 29
  • There will be two edulastic quizzes to complete next week before moving on to Module 5.


  • Complete the mystery science lesson posted by Ms. Dexter.
  • Read the “Vanishing Animals” and “Sea Lion Pups” articles.
  • Complete the Google Doc assessment about the mystery and the articles that you read on Google Classroom.

Social Studies

  • Ms. Musleh posted an assignment on Google Classroom. There is a Google Doc with a reading assignment and websites to help you find information about the different events of the American Revolution.
  • You will be answering questions on Google Slides about each event that you are researching. There are 5 slides this week and we will post another 5 slides next week.
  • Let us know if you have trouble finding any information.

If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We will do our best to answer all questions and make this time off successful for everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

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