District Regional Competition

The regional is coming up soon.  If your event has an exam:

Permission Slips are due by 12/17/19

Bus will be provided. If you are driving, your parent needs to contact me via e-mail.


Competition Information

Help Templates for case studies


Times & Dates of Competition

  • Event Exams – At MBCC  12/06 & 12/10
  • Regional – Baker College 12/19/18 @ 8:15 am

If you are competing in a team written event that does not compete at the regional competition, all information needs to be submitted to me by 1/31/19 and you need to present to me and Mr. Teets after school on that day.

Written Event Screening


State Conference 2018

Congratulations to the following students for participating and competing in the DECA State Careers Conference in Detroit

Hussien Berry

Miryim Hanek

Mariam Dabaja


Special Recognition goes to Hussien Berry, who was a finalist in Entrepreneurship