Digital Music Assignment 5.11 – 5.15

Hi STEM – I MISS YOU ALL!! This week everyone has the same assignment.

1.) Rhythm – Half and Whole Notes. Login to my classroom and finish the lesson. I made a “how to” video for the fifth grade kiddos, if you find yourself getting stuck let me know and I will send it along.

2.) Chrome Music Lab Song Composition. Instructions and a how-to video can be found in Google Classroom.

Class Meetings and Office Hours: I find it easier to record a lesson and upload it with the work rather than holding live meetings. This way everyone can view the info at their leisure. I’m sure with Ramadan schedules this helps some of you. Therefore I’m not going to have live meetings on Wednesdays like I was before. Same with office hours. If you need help contact me, I will get back to you asap.

I know it’s weird doing band and orchestra online and it’s not the same. Thanks for being flexible and making it work:) <3

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