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Week 4: 9/16/19-9/20/19

Posted by on September 16, 2019


Small group activity- create a concept/thinking map

HW: read an article on evolution and reply using Google classroom online discussion platform:

Quiz wed

Tues – small group activity on Evolution in Action and Evidence of Evolution, class discussion on section reviews

Wed- Small group activity/class discussion continues, group presentation on thinking maps. HW: Critical Thinking question (P. 312 #18-20)

Thurs – group presentation continues, evolution review game/ quizlet live

Lexus Eco Challenge

HW for the weekend:
Read part 1 of the Galapagos Case study and answer Part 1 questions #1-8 in complete sentences in a separate sheet of paper. Answer must be handwritten. Due Mon 9/23

Fri – Half Day

Study for Quiz on Monday!

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