Week 13: 11/25/19 -11/29/19


Continue working on Temperature Soil Lab Report


Gather Week 4 Data for Seed Germination


Class discussion and Notes on Understanding Populations, including:

-main properties that Scientist measure when they study populations

-three general patterns of population dispersion.


Thanksgiving Break!

Homework Assignment posted on Google Classroom

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Week 14: 12/2/19 -12/6/19


Small group activity on four processes that determine population growth

Discussion on exponential model vs. logistic model of population growth


Random Sampling Lab


Math Final – all 3 hours, no bio today

Thurs and Fri

Agriculture and Human Population Growth

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Week 12: 11/18/19 -11/22/19

Mon-Tues: Seed Germination Lab continues

Field work

Wed- Thurs: Temperature Soil Lab

Fri: Lab Report on Temperature Soil Lab

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Week 11: 11/11/19 -11/15/19


Class Discussion: Marine Links to Carbon Cycle

Small Group Activity-

Tues -Wed

Plants and Biogeochemical Cycles

-Modeling of Ground water and water draining through soil and clay. \


Hypothesis, Essential Question and Procedure for Germination Lab

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Week 10: 11/4/19-11/8/19


Current event article – The Mutant Crayfish Clones itself and its taking over Europe,

reflection on the article

food chain vs food web discussion

Tues- No DCMST


Q& A interactive

Biogeochemical activity

Thurs- Web of Life: Producer to Predator


Seed Germination

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Week 9: 10/28/19-11/1/19

Mon: Warm up – Have You Eaten Your Seaweed Today? (see google classroom for details)

Intro to Ecology Activity / Short Video

Homework- Reading and notes on 18.3


Class Discussion and Guided Notes on:

Section 1  Introduction to Ecology

Small Group activity/field study


Class Discussion and Guided Notes on:

Section 2  Ecology of Organisms

Current Event activity


Section 3  Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer Practice


Section 4  Ecosystem Recycling




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Week 8: 10/21/19-10/25/19

Mon -Wed

Case study – Lizard, legs, and the diversity of life

Extension to case study and Lizard Lab

Thurs- Field Study/ Nature Walk

Fri – Evolution Unit Test

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Week 8: 10/14/19-10/18/19


Quiz on Population genetics and Speciation

Science News Article – read and reflect


Science News Article discussion

Peppered Moth Simulation


Lizard Evolution Lab

‘Understanding Key Ideas’ discussion


Review for Evolution Unit Test

Homework for the weekend (due Mon) –
Standardized Test Preparation: #1-7 mcqs, Short Response and Extended Response
-Must be handwritten

Study for test on Wed- Go over guided notes, practice problems, and reflections from labs, case studies, and group activities

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Week 7: 10/7/19-10/9/19


Plant intelligence and Evolution- Google classroom assignment and class discussion

Population Genetics and speciation Presentations

HW: 16.3 Sec Review (due Wed)


Discussion on Practice and Guided Questions 16.1-16.3

HW: Understanding Key Concepts


Review game for quiz on Mon

Case study discussion (content connection to real world situations)

Bird Beak Lab review

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Week 6: 9/30/19-10/4/19

Mon- Small group activity on Population traits and Population genetics

Introduction to next group project and presentation

Tues – Wed Continue discussion and student work on group project (Must follow the project expectations and rubric )

HW: Presentation slides due 10/3 at 7am

Thurs- Group Presentation and fill out peer and self evaluation forms for group project.

HW : Guided notes and Khan Academy assignments, both reflections must be handwritten

Fri- Finish galapagos documentary

HW: Practice Ques Sec 1 & 2 – due Mon

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