Week 10B: 3/11/19-3/15/19


Respiration of Sugars by Yeast

-Use CO2 Gas Sensor to measure concentrations of Carbon dioxide

-Collect Data


Analyze your Data to determine the rate of respiration by yeast while using different sugars


Processing the Data & Graphing

Post lab Questions


Class discussion on Key Concepts

Short Videos


Review Games and discussion on Cellular Respiration

HW: Study for quiz on Monday!


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Week 9B: 3/4/19-3/8/19


Current Event Article on Fermentation – Age-old mystery of why cells use fermentation unraveled

Discuss Understanding Key Concepts and Packet

Small Group Activity- Create Thinking Map – Glycolysis, Kreb Cycle, Electron Transport Chain

Tues -Fri

Case Study – Fun with Fermentation

Cellular Respiration Lab

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Week 8B: 2/25/19-3/1/19


Share with class- creative writing  and Cellular Respiration process

Class Discussion on Cellular Respiration

HW: Read Sec 1 & do section review



Cellular Respiration inquiry



small group activity and class discussion on Glycolysis, Kreb Cycle, Electron Transport Chain



Cellular Respiration packet with notes, review guides, fill in diagrams



Cellular Respiration Interactives

HW: Understanding Key Concepts





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Week 7B: 2/18/19 – 2/22/19


President day – No School


Due – Videos and Notes on Cellular Respiration

Review Game on Photosynthesis

HW: Study for Test


Photosynthesis Test

HW: Cellular Respiration Sec 1 Notes


Problem-based activity- Intro to Cellular Respiration

HW:  Sec 1  Practice Problems


Cellular Respiration Inquiry Activity- stories with Steps

HW: Cellular Respiration Article and Practice Questions



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Week 6B: 2/11/19 – 2/15/19


Class Discussion on Calvin Cycle

Explanation on Practice Problems

HW: Photosynthesis Understanding Key Concepts (due wed)



No School due to weather conditions



Science News Activity on ‘Shortcut improves photosynthesis’  (Genetic Engineering boosts tobacco plants’ growth



Class discussion on Photosynthesis Understanding Key Concepts

Q/A interactive on Standard Test Practice, short response, and extended response

HW: Study for Test on Photosynthesis



No School- Mid Winter Break!

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Week 5B: 2/4/19 – 2/8/19

Recent update on Drones Video Contest
7 of our DCMST students made it to the top 15- final round of Drones Video Contest!  Five winners will be rewarded over $15,000 in prizes. These winners will be announced by March 8, 2019. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. We appreciated all your support!


Go over Light Reaction Practice Questions

Light Reaction Modeling Activity

Use Grading Rubric & guidelines for quality work



Finish Light Reaction Modeling Activity

Flow Chart on Light Reaction – Photosynthesis

HW: Read Sec 2 on Calvin Cycle and take notes



No School – ICE Day!



Schedule change due to AMC Testing 

4th hour -11:15-11:35am

5th hour- 11:40-12:00

6th hour- 12:05-12:25

AMC – 12:30-1:55 (10 min bubble, 75 min test )

Those not taking AMC stay in Mansoor’s classrroom! 



Group Presentations on Light Reaction

Discussion on Calvin Cycle

HW: Practice Problems on Calvin Cycle

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Drones Video Contest Updates

DCMST Students have until tomorrow Feb 3rd to move to the next round! Your vote for today and tomorrow can help us WIN $15,000 in prize drone kits and money!  Top 15 will make it to the next round and currently, we have 8 students in top 15 entries. Your vote will ensure they make it to the final round. Simply click on the video link below and vote for our Dearborn students. We truly appreciate your help!  
Link to vote:
Note: The website only allows you to vote every 24 hours
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Week 1B: 1/7/19- 1/11/19

Public voting is open!  How would you drone?

Use the link below and vote for our students at DCMST. You can vote every day till February 3rd to help us WIN $15,000 in prize from Drone Video Contest . We would greatly appreciate passing this message to others as well. We need as many votes as possible before February 3rd.
Link to vote:
To vote, you can simply click on the link below and like their videos.
School name “Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology” is available under the title of the videos. Thanks!



Due today : Ecology and Evolution study guide

Use google classroom to fill out the study guide. Study guides are  due on Mon Jan 7 by 10 pm via Google Classroom.

Biochemistry section of the study guide will be due on Fri Jan 11th

Biochem lect w/ guided notes



Biochem Jigsaw (small group activity) 

HW: Comments on Discussion board



Biomolecules Modeling

Q/A interactive

HW: Sec 1 & 2 review



Kahoot Biochem review


Discuss practice ques



Biochem test

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Week 5A: 9/24/18-9/28/18


Review for Quiz

HW: Notes on History of Evolutionary Thoughts


Quiz on the History of Earth


Current Events on Evolution

science world article


Discussion and Small group activity on History of Evolutionary Thoughts


small group project

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Week 4A: 9/17/18-9/21/18


Current events on lect on sec 2
HW:  Sec 1 & Sec 2 review


Jigsaw Activity on The First Life-Forms

Small group and Class Discussion

HW: Sec Review 3


Discussion on Experiment (Redi, Spallanzani, and Pasteur)

Go over section reviews

Go over last quiz

Fri & Mon

Short video on Earth’s History

Play games to review for Quiz

Earth’s history quiz on Tues


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