Welcome back!

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Hello Class,

Hope you had a safe and joyful spring break and a blessed Easter for those who celebrated!

As I have mentioned in our Google classroom and Remind platform, we will continue our self-paced, enriched, meaningful learning on a daily basis. Please continue to turn in each assignment by its due date.

We will continue focusing on our content learning with rigor and engagement through our remote class discussions, video lectures, case studies, virtual Science Lab and research projects.

You can contact me by email or via our classroom remind app at anytime pertaining any content-related questions, clarification on assignment or instruction, any comments and/or general questions.

Lets continue to stay curious, connect our academic learning to current events, and solve problems as they come up while we go through the content!

Stay safe and healthy!

Ms. Mansoor

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Week 13: 11/25/19 -11/29/19


Continue working on Temperature Soil Lab Report


Gather Week 4 Data for Seed Germination


Class discussion and Notes on Understanding Populations, including:

-main properties that Scientist measure when they study populations

-three general patterns of population dispersion.


Thanksgiving Break!

Homework Assignment posted on Google Classroom

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Week 14: 12/2/19 -12/6/19


Small group activity on four processes that determine population growth

Discussion on exponential model vs. logistic model of population growth


Random Sampling Lab


Math Final – all 3 hours, no bio today

Thurs and Fri

Agriculture and Human Population Growth

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Week 12: 11/18/19 -11/22/19

Mon-Tues: Seed Germination Lab continues

Field work

Wed- Thurs: Temperature Soil Lab

Fri: Lab Report on Temperature Soil Lab

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Week 11: 11/11/19 -11/15/19


Class Discussion: Marine Links to Carbon Cycle

Small Group Activity-

Tues -Wed

Plants and Biogeochemical Cycles

-Modeling of Ground water and water draining through soil and clay. \


Hypothesis, Essential Question and Procedure for Germination Lab

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Week 10: 11/4/19-11/8/19


Current event article – The Mutant Crayfish Clones itself and its taking over Europe,

reflection on the article

food chain vs food web discussion

Tues- No DCMST


Q& A interactive

Biogeochemical activity

Thurs- Web of Life: Producer to Predator


Seed Germination

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Week 9: 10/28/19-11/1/19

Mon: Warm up – Have You Eaten Your Seaweed Today? (see google classroom for details)

Intro to Ecology Activity / Short Video

Homework- Reading and notes on 18.3


Class Discussion and Guided Notes on:

Section 1  Introduction to Ecology

Small Group activity/field study


Class Discussion and Guided Notes on:

Section 2  Ecology of Organisms

Current Event activity


Section 3  Energy Transfer

Energy Transfer Practice


Section 4  Ecosystem Recycling




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Week 8: 10/21/19-10/25/19

Mon -Wed

Case study – Lizard, legs, and the diversity of life

Extension to case study and Lizard Lab

Thurs- Field Study/ Nature Walk

Fri – Evolution Unit Test

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Week 8: 10/14/19-10/18/19


Quiz on Population genetics and Speciation

Science News Article – read and reflect


Science News Article discussion

Peppered Moth Simulation


Lizard Evolution Lab

‘Understanding Key Ideas’ discussion


Review for Evolution Unit Test

Homework for the weekend (due Mon) –
Standardized Test Preparation: #1-7 mcqs, Short Response and Extended Response
-Must be handwritten

Study for test on Wed- Go over guided notes, practice problems, and reflections from labs, case studies, and group activities

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Week 7: 10/7/19-10/9/19


Plant intelligence and Evolution- Google classroom assignment and class discussion

Population Genetics and speciation Presentations

HW: 16.3 Sec Review (due Wed)


Discussion on Practice and Guided Questions 16.1-16.3

HW: Understanding Key Concepts


Review game for quiz on Mon

Case study discussion (content connection to real world situations)

Bird Beak Lab review

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