Good Afternoon! I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe. Try to get outside today and run around for a bit. The read aloud is an informational book about weather and there are some questions to answer. There is also a rhyming activity for practice.

Good morning, I hope that you all had restful weekend. This week, we are going to revisit reading and answering questions about informational text. Today, I am posting an informational read aloud about tigers. You will read some interesting information (key facts) about tigers and then answer the questions that I post. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the sunshine!

Happy Friday everyone! Since It is snowing today, I chose a read aloud called “So much Snow.” It’s funny! After you enjoy the story, answer the questions. I am also posting an activity where you change one of the sounds in a word to make a new word. Finally, there is an activity for you to practice using the glossary and index in an informational text. Have a great weekend!

Good Afternoon. I am posting a read aloud for : A Bad Case of the Stripes. After you listen to the story, you can answer the questions. Next, there is an activity where you must use the glossary to answer the questions about an informational text. Finally, there is also an activity where you have to use what you know about the long /e/ vowel teams “ee” and “ea” to choose the word that matches the picture. Have a wonderful day!

Hello boys and girls! I hope you had an amazing spring break and that you enjoyed time with your families. This week, I will continue to post read alouds with questions about the text. Also, I will post informational text selections with an activity or assignment. Today, you can enjoy a funny story called “No Clean Clothes.” After listening to the story, you can answer questions in the powerpoint. Finally, there is a powerpoint where you will use the table of contents to answer questions about information in a text. Have a great day!