Lesson 1 Update!


I am all so impressed with how well the students did on our first zoom meeting! One teacher takeaway I learned today was, I think it would be best for the students to have a “brain break box” ready to go and near their work space! The purpose of this box is to provide your child with some activities they can work on when they finish their independent work early or when we take breaks. This box is only used under teacher direction and will not be used during teacher instruction. We want to keep them engaged and attentive during zoom lessons.   Below is a picture of a sample box, these are items we would use in the classroom when they are finished with work early. Here are some items you could place in the box: 

  • Handful of Legos
  • Puzzles
  • White board
  • Coloring book
  • Markers
  • Drawing paper
  • Books to read or do pictures walks 
  • Playdoh

Please keep this ‘brain box’ in a safe place where your child can have quick access to it, but when put away, it will not be a distraction to their learning. If you could support me limiting the activities in the brain break box to quiet activities that will not distract other learners, I would greatly appreciate it. 

I wanted to thank you again for your patience and support today as we navigated our first day of zoom. If you have any questions or would like to speak with me, please feel free to email me (or send a Schoology message) and we can set up an appointment to talk during office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. 

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