School begins at 8:35. Students will enter and dismiss from door 7 at the corner of Coburn and Silverly Lane. Dismissal for Kindergarten is five minutes earlier than the rest of the school in order to allow you time to pick up your older students.

Backpacks and Lunch Boxes
Be sure to put your child’s first and last name and room number (or teacher name) on their backpack and lunch box. Remember to clean out your child’s backpack every night.

Your child will have a folder that will come home with them daily. Please take a moment and look at the folder and empty it every night. Your child will need to return the folder the following day. I check each child’s folder first thing in the morning. Any homework, notes to me or to the office will be collected at that time.

Money and Various Collections
If you are sending in money for lunch or other things, please place it in an
envelope labeled with your child’s name and what it is for.


Homework will be sent home on a weekly basis. Homework will come home every Monday and will need to be returned every Friday. In addition to the weekly homework sheet, please complete one lesson in their Eureka Math Book and read each book in their book bag 2x.

Snack time is around 10:30 each day. Please send a HEALTHY daily snack for your child (i.e: fruit, crackers, yogurt, pretzels, veggies, etc). Please place the snack in a different compartment of your child’s backpack so it is easily accessible. Please DO NOT pack a juice box for snack time.

Birthdays are an exciting time of the year for you and your child. Because of allergies, medical conditions and promoting healthy eating habits; our class will be enforcing a non-edible birthday treat policy. Your child will be acknowledged the same way as before, but please send in only items that are non-edible; such as pencils, erasers, tattoos, bubbles, stickers, etc. Please
reference to the birthday note coming home as well. Thank you!

Toys from Home
We ask that no toys be brought into school from home. Our classroom is filled with items to keep us busy, and lost or broken toys result in very sad feelings!

Change of Clothes
Please send in a change of clothes (shirt, pants/shorts, underwear, socks, pair of shoes) labeled, with your child’s name, in a gallon baggie. This will be kept at school in their locker in case of an accident (bathroom accident or wet/muddy clothes).

Book Bags

Students are expected to bring their book bag to and from school each day. Students should read each book in their bag 2x per night.

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