Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed a nice relaxing Thanksgiving break with family. Below are the weekly updates and upcoming events!

12-5: Field trip to the theater (please be sure to pack a lunch this day)

12-12: Ann Arbor Hands on Museum (flyer came home today)


Spelling tests will begin the week of December 11th. The spelling words will come home on the weekly homework packet and tests will be on Fridays. You will sign and return their spelling book each week 🙂

We will also begin our math fact test the same week. Each week I will let you know what the problems will be. We will begin with +0 and continue on from there. These tests will also be on Fridays.

1st grade

We have now finished our time portion of unit 3, students should be able to read and write times to the hour and half hour. We are still reviewing the vocab of “half passed” instead of saying 2:30, we would say half passed two.

We are continuing to work on addition and subtraction vocab to be able to identify what story problems are asking us to do. (more, less, how many are left). We will have our Unit 3 test as soon as we finish our story problem section, study guides will come home prior to the test and will have the test date on top.


I hope you have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Chammout