Below are the announcements for the week, I am going to continue following the format of listing school related things at the top and then Kindergarten & first grade separately to help keep everything organized 🙂

11-14: The class will be visiting the Book Fair at 10:40 am

11-17: No school for Kindergarten students

11-15,11-16: Conferences

11-22,11-23,11-24 No school, Enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends


Spelling tests will begin the week of December 11th. Weekly spelling words will be listed on the homework packet and tests will be given on Friday’s. We have been working on stretching out words each day during our mini lessons and in our reading groups. Students will be expected to be able to spelling basic cvc (constant, vowel, constant) words for their test.

Please make sure students are reading the books in their bags and sight words each night for fluency.

I posted an anchor chart on 3D shapes. Students have now been taught both 2D and 3D shapes. We will continue working on our addition facts this week!

1st grade

Please make sure you have sent back your unit 2 math test. Reading bags were cleaned out today, your child should now only have one book in their reading bag, we will continue adding books to our reading back over the next 1-2 weeks.

We have now reviewed all blends and most digraphs, students are expected to be using these in their writing (I will have a chart out and available at conferees if you would like to take one).

I have posted many of our anchor charts to class dojo for you to view and refer to while you are working on homework at home. There is a poster for both addition and subtraction strategies the students were told they would be able to use to help them determine whether the math story problem is asking them to use addition or subtraction.

Math unit 3- time (hour and half hour), addition/subtraction on a number line, story problems.


Have a great week 🙂