drawing of two girls one with a blue outfit and one with a pink, red, orange, yellow outfit

Student Artwork

folded origami pikachu head and drawn body
Pikachu by 5th grade
painting of a unicorn head with rainbow colored mane
Unicorn by 5th grade
folded paper origami moon with yarn bow and letter z
Origami moon by 4th grade
folded origami pikachu head with face details
Pikachu by 4th grade
origami folded paper ice cream cone and origami paper folded boat
Origami by 3rd grade
drawing of a minion waving
Minion drawing
folded paper origami duck head and body
Origami duck by 2nd grade
Folded paper origami swan head and body
Origami swan by 2nd grade
drawing of a green dinosaur with brown spikes
Dinosaur by Kindergarten
drawing of 3 ice cream cones
Ice cream cones by Kindergarten
drawing of a dinosaur colored brown and green
Dinosaur by Young 5
drawing of a dinosaur colored red with yellow spots
Dinosaur by Kindergarten
folded paper origami duck face and body
Origami duck by 1st grade

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