paper folded tulip flower attached to folded paper stem with leaves

Artwork from Home

computer drawing of three ice cream cones with different colored scoops
Ice cream cones by kindergarten
drawing of three fish one is a diamond shape, triangle shape, oval shape
Fish by 1st grade
paper folded tulip flower and stem with leaves
Origami tulip by 2nd grade
notebook page filled with drawings, large black and orange butterfly in center of page
Drawings by 3rd grade
folded paper egg with drawing of cracked shell and yellow chick inside
Origami egg by 4th grade
color wheel photo made up of objects like markers, colored pencils, and crayons
Object color wheel by 5th grade
drawing of three yellow chicks called the best buddies
Egg drawing by 5th grade
paper folded ice cream cone with colored dots for sprinkles
Origami ice cream cone by 4th grade
computer drawing of chocolate chip ice cream cone
Ice cream cone by Young 5s
butterfly drawing with blue, yellow, orange, purple, red wings
Butterfly drawing by 4th grade
drawing of 3 layer cake with lines and shapes and candles for decorations
Cake by 4th grade

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