traced hand with marker lines, shapes, and marker background

Google Classroom Artwork

tissue box painted black and red to represent a lady bug  and foil antennae
Ladybug by 4th grade
paper folded origami ice cream cone colored with strawberry vanilla chocolate flavors and origami paper rocket
Origami by 4th grade
drawing of a car colored red with a yellow lightning bolt that says wow
Car drawing 2nd grade
folded paper origami tulip flower colored yellow and red and origami tulip stem colored green
Origami tulip by 1st grade
turtle drawing with green shell and yellow head legs tail
Turtle by 1st grade
fairy house made from a milk gallon container with a hole cut out and word believe on it
Fairy house by 5th grade
drawing of a minion with small minions around its head
Minion drawing by 5th grade
folded paper origami whale colored red, orange, and yellow
Origami whale by 2nd grade
folded paper origami whales with paper water spouts
Origami whales by 1st grade and mom
drawing of a unicorn with pink mane and tail
Unicorn by 4th grade

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