drawing of an umbrella with clouds and hearts in the background

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Look at all of the wonderful artwork students are making at home!

drawing of a cake on a pedestal with a slice cut out
Cake drawing by 4th grade
black and white drawing of a bunny with lines on it
Bunny by 3rd grade
folded paper origami whale with spots on its body
Origami whale by 1st grade
folded paper origami house with door, windows, brick, and roof details
Origami house by Kindergarten
drawing of a vanishing road with trees on the side, mountains, and sun in the background
Vanishing road by 4th grade
drawing of a taco with a face, arms, and legs
Walking Taco
Origami house and origami paper boat with green, pink, blue colors on them
Origami by 4th grade
drawing of an umbrella with blue, yellow, black, green, and red colors on it
Umbrella drawing by Kindergarten
drawing of eggs with colorful designs and faces on them
Egg drawing
folded paper origami house with colorful windows and door
Origami house by Kindergarten

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