folded paper origami house with striped roof, door, and window

Student Art from Google Classroom

I wanted to share more student artwork from our art google classroom!

drawing of 3D buildings for a city with window and door details
Artwork by 5th grade
cut out heart with thank you written inside
Thank you heart
drawing of a tractor colored yellow black blue green
Tractor drawing
drawing of a unicorn with rainbow mane, horn, and heart background
Unicorn drawing by 3rd grade
drawing of an owl on a branch at night with stars
Owl drawing by 2nd grade
folded paper origami moon with face colored gray
Origami moon by 1st grade
traced hand drawing with electronics like a phone and charger for fingers
Hand drawing by 4th grade
folded paper origami house with window and door drawn on it
Origami house
traced hand drawing with makeup for fingers like foundation and lipstick
Hand drawing by 5th grade
drawing of an alligator with water, dirt, and grass background
Alligator drawing by 5th grade

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