origami folded house with "Stay home" and "I miss you all" written on it


Look at this amazing artwork from our McCollough Art Google Classroom!

drawing of 3 umbrellas with rain falling and clouds
Umbrella drawing by Kindergarten
drawing of a castle with triangle shapes and 3 towers
Castle drawing by First Grade
drawing of a dragonfly flying with blue sky and yellow flowers
Dragonfly by Second Grade
drawing of a shark underwater looking up at fish
Shark drawing by Third Grade
origami rocket make from folded paper and colored purple, blue, and yellow
Origami rocket by Fourth Grade
drawing of an alligator with dirt and water and grass background
Alligator drawing by Fifth Grade
drawing of a unicorn with rainbow colored mane and blue nose
drawing of a city with different shapes of skyscrapers and colors
Drawing by Fourth Grade
object color wheel made up of crayons, spoons, and flowers
Color wheel by Third Grade
folded paper whale with black lines and colored partially blue
Origami whale by Second Grade
drawing of a heart colored with rainbow colors and has ears and a face on it
Heart by First Grade
Origami house by Kindergarten

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