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Please Read How to Get onto McCollough Art Google Classroom Through Student Email

photo of dearbornpublicschools.org student portal
Step 1. Please go to dearbornschools.org and click on Student Portal.
photo of Student Portal screen at Dearborn Schools website
Step 2: This is the Student Portal screen. Move your cursor to Student District Email/Google Login and click on it.
photo of sign in screen for google email
Step 3: This is where students will enter their Identification Number. It is your lunch card number. Then click on the blue Next button.
photo of google sign in where students enter their password
Step 4: Students are going to enter their password when they get to this screen. Your password is your birthday: MonthDayYear  For example, February 5, 2012 = 02052012  Your password would be 02052012. Click on the Next blue button.
photo of gmail screen with cursor on the waffle
Step 5: This photo shows you your email. The photo shows the cursor on 9 small squares. This is called the “waffle”. It has a similar shape to a square waffle. Please click on the “waffle”.
photo of google apps or the waffle
Step 6: This photo shows up when you click on the “waffle”. Please move your cursor to Classroom. It is the green rectangle with people shapes inside. Click on this, please.
photo of google classroom screen showing students' google classrooms
Step 7: You are now on Google Classroom! Please look for the rectangle shape with my name, Laura Brown. Please click on the blue rectangle that says “Join”.
photo of second grade google classroom page on the computer
Step 8: You have now joined the art google classroom for your grade!  Welcome!  Stream shows you announcements.  Classwork shows you the art activities.  Please look at stream for important announcements. Stream has videos on how to take photos of your artwork. Please watch them. I hope this helps.

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