drawing of a zebra with black stripes and colored like a rainbow

Thank you for making artwork at home!

origami folded paper yoda head and body
Origami Yoda by 5th grade
drawing of a hand outlined with black marker and colored with marker
Hand drawing by 5th grade
photo of a color wheel made up of found objects around the home
Found object color wheel by 4th grade
folded paper origami jumping frogs colored green and blue
Origami jumping frogs by 4th grade
drawing of a hot air balloon with orange zigzag line and colored blue, green, pink
Hot air balloon drawing by 5th grade
folded paper origami duck heads and bodies with wings
Origami ducks by 1st grader and her mom
drawing of a penguin named snowy with snowflakes falling
Penguin by Kindergarten
black and white drawing of a zebra
Zebra drawing by 1st grade
drawing of a penguin with a heart on it's stomach
Penguin by Kindergarten
drawing of a penguin colored black, blue, yellow, beige
Penguin by Kindergarten
folded paper origami yoda
Origami yoda
drawing of a dinosaur with green spikes
Dinosaur by Young 5

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