Math Class

Math Class

Welcome to Math Class! 

Below is the basic outline for my Math Class. There is a weekly schedule as well as the monthly math concepts that will be covered.

Our Weekly Schedule looks like this:

  • Daily Centers focusing on hands-on activities that allow students to practice skills that are apart of the monthly concepts being covered.
  • Computer Center: using accounts twice a week to address individual student needs (allowing practice using a computer and on the math concept each individual child is focusing on in his/her IEP goals).
  • Once a month Pre- and Post- Assessments on the monthly concepts being addressed to see student growth from beginning to end of every month. (Can compare scores to previous years at Stout).
  • Workshop daily addressing counting, packaging, fine motor skills, efficiency, and job skills. After completion of two rounds we chart everyone’s scores (completed containers correct) and find the mean, median, mode, and range from them.
  • Bank Deposits once a week from adding up the money they earn on their individual time cards and completing deposit forms to add earned paycheck money to their bank accounts (money only valid for use in our school store).


Monthly Math Concepts:

  • September = The Number System & Fractions
  • October = The Number System & Multiplication/Division
  • November = The Number System & Expressions & Equations
  • December = Ratios & Proportional Relationships& Functions
  • January = Equivalent Expressions
  • February = Geometry & Expressions & Equations
  • March = Geometry
  • April = Geometry
  • May = Statistics & Probability
  • June = Assessment & Analysis

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