Monday, June 1, 2020

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Please go to and type The assassination of Lincoln.

Watch the video America the story of us: Lincoln /History ( 3 min 58 sec )

Watch the video Th Story of Reconstruction ( 8 min 14 sec )

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

When Abraham Lincoln is elected in 1860, many southerners believe that he and the Republican Party will try to abolish slavery everywhere in the U.S. When S. Carolina said that the state would secede, Pres. Buchanan chose to do nothing thinking that the new president could deal with it. Lincoln explained in his inaugural address that he would not touch slavery where it existed, he just did not want to see it spread to the west. The governor of S. Carolina did not believe him so fired on Fort Sumter.

1st. Battle of Bull Run: In July 1861, both armies met on the battle field of Virginia about 25 miles from D.C. Some congressmen actually took their families to watch the battle from nearby hills. The North appeared to be winning when all of a sudden the fight turned and the South chased the Yankees off of the battle field. The Confederates decided not to continue their advantage by attacking Washington. This was a big mistake.

Conscription or forcing men into the army is started for both sides as the war goes longer than either side expected. Riots broke out in the North against conscription (the draft). Lincoln kept replacing his generals for not taking the offensive and attacking the South.

The Emancipation Proclamation was passed after the Battle of Antietam. The Proclamation will say that slavery is no longer legal, but it only applied to the Confederate States and did not say that slavery would end forever.

The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863, will take place in Pennsylvania. The armies actually ran into each other by accident, and both sides started sending in reinforcements. The battle would last for three days with both sides taking heavy losses. Eventually, Robert E. Lee will retreat back into Virginia and the U.S. declared victory. Lincoln would write The Gettysburg Address which will be a short speech declaring that the battlefield would become a national monument honoring the dead of both sides. This speech is considered to be one of the best political speeches ever made.

Please go to and type in : Causes of the Civil War Watch: Four causes of The Civil War ( 10 min 47 sec. )

Then type in: Battle of Bull Run and watch : (1861) The First Battle of Bull Run ( 3 min 52 sec)

Monday, May 18, 2020

Revisit Chap. 16 “Slavery Divides the Nation” and watch slides 14-19.

Slide #14: The Republican Party begins in Jackson, Michigan in 1854. It would be made up of anti-slavery Democrats and Whigs. It’s primary belief is that slavery should not expand into the western territories.

Slide #15: The Presidential election of 1856, saw (3) candidates running on their views of the expansion of slavery. Democrat James Buchanan is elected.

Slide #16: The Lincoln/Douglas debates are for the Senate election in Illinois. The (7) debates will take place in 1856. Stephen Douglas (the one who proposed the Kansas/Nebraska Act and popular sovereignty) was a very well known Democrat while Abraham Lincoln, the Republican, was not so well known outside of the state. Although Lincoln lost the senate election, the newspapers around the country give Lincoln a lot of publicity which will get him nominated for the Presidential Election of 1860.

Slide #17: The raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia. The abolitionist John Brown (who had been involved with “Bleeding Kansas”) decided to attack the federal arsenal at Harper’s Ferry. An arsenal is where the government kept weapons. His plan was to give southern slaves weapons and lead them throughout the south killing their masters. Pres. Buchanan called out the Marines and Brown and (5) others were tried, convicted, and hanged.

Slide #18: The Election of 1860 started with (3) candidates: Republican Lincoln, Democrat Douglas, and Union Party Bell. When the democrats nominated Douglas, southern Democrats who didn’t believe that he would promote slavery in the west, chose their own candidate Breckinridge. Because the Democratic Party split, Abe Lincoln ended up winning the election.

Slide #19: When Lincoln got elected in Nov. 1860, S. Carolina decided to secede or break away from the country. Several other states joined with S. Carolina before Lincoln was inaugurated in April 1861. Later that month, the governor of S. Carolina ordered his state militia to fire on Fort Sumter, a U.S. Army fort. This will be the beginning of the American Civil War.

Please go to and type in Inside the Lincoln/Douglas Debate. Watch the 8 min video.

Also on youtube, type: John Brown’s Raid in American Memory and watch the 7 min 8 sec video.

In IXL grade 8 social studies. Please do #1 in section (O) The Civil War, The beginning of the war. Please have this done by Wed. at 3:00 PM.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Look at slides 6-10 of Chapter 16 posted last week.

As people were moving into the Great Plains (the area between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains) the question of slavery expansion needed to be made clear. In 1854, Senator Stephen Douglas proposed the Kansas/Nebraska Act which created two territories where the people would vote if they wanted slavery when they became a state. This is known as popular sovereignty.

Bleeding Kansas: In 1855, Kansas applied for statehood and held an election if it would be a free or slave state. There was a lot of cheating in the election and both sides said that they won. Two state governments were created, one in favor of slavery and one against. Some proslavers set fire to an antislavery newspaper building.

John Brown was a white abolitionist who believed that it was his religious duty to end slavery throughout the U.S. He and his sons went to Kansas, dragged 5 proslavers out of their houses at night, and killed them. Some abolitionist newspapers in the north said that John Brown’s actions were right. This angered many southerners. Fighting broke out in Kansas and over 200 people were killed between 1855-1856.

Please go to Type in : The Kansas/Nebraska Act Watch video: The Kansas / Nebraska Act ( 2 min 35 sec )

Also in youtube, Type in: John Brown Watch video: John Brown and Bleeding Kansas ( 2 min 13 sec )

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